June 14, 2024

Let’s Talk About CHU 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Let’s Talk About CHU 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    Chu Ai (Chan Tzu-hsuan) is the aforementioned Ms. Ai, and in her videos, she talks about how so many Taiwanese people are unsatisfied with their sex lives, and she also tries to separate the topic of sex from the emotional entanglements that people also bring with it.

    In her own life, she has a “friends with benefits” situation with Chou Ping-ke (Kai Ko); she lays down ground rules with him, and even though he senses she might want to have more than just a situationship, he’s OK with going with her ground rules. Ai-ai is embarrassed when, after being with Ping-ke, she runs into his mother Doris (Helena Hsu), but Doris seems to be more than OK that her son brings girls home.

    Ai-ai’s mother (Miao Ke-li) accidentally walks in on her husband (Hong Sheng-te) masturbating, and decides to cancel Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, which also happens to be their wedding anniversary. Ai-ai’s sister, Wei-wei (Kimi Hsia), can’t seem to get the attention of her husband Lin Shi-chieh (Umin Boya); they met when she was his student during her college years, but after a number of years of marriage, he barely even seems to look at her sexually.

    Ai-ai and Wei-Wei’s brother Yu-sen (JC Lin) seems to be in a frustrating relationship with a boyfriend who doesn’t even live in Taipei, and he takes his frustrations out at his “job,” which is in actuality playing high-stakes poker in illegal backroom casinos. He’s actually very good at it, as his expressionless manner and penchant for daring wagers has made him into a shark of a player, to the point where he’s recruited for even higher-stakes matches by a guys named Yueh (Wu Chien-wo).

    Ai-ai and Wei-wei persuade their mother to cook Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, with Ai-ai sweetening the pot by promising to bring around someone she calls her boyfriend. She asks Ping-ke, who agrees because he’d rather pretend to be Ai-ai’s boyfriend than have dinner with Doris and his semi-estranged father. Ai-ai’s mother is ecstatic to see her daughter bring someone home, something she’s never done before, but the strife between her and Ai-ai’s father, and the tension between Wei-wei and Shi-chieh puts a damper on all that.

    When we’re shown all of the people we’re going to follow in Let’s Talk About CHU, it’s not apparent at first that they’re all related to Ai-Ai in one way or another. They are just presented as frustrated couples. But it doesn’t take long to realize that these people are all a part of Ai-ai’s family and life, which makes the series a whole lot more than just about a disconnected set of people having trouble in their relationships.

    The tone is lighthearted most of the time, even funny at times, like when Ai-ai’s father is relegated to a stool at the dinner table, then ends up choking on a dish of chicken testicles. When Yu-sen Heimlichs the testicles out of his father’s throat, where they end up gave us a genuine laugh.

    What we’d like to see more of is Ai-ai’s actual advice videos, to contrast the advice she’s giving with what’s going on with her and her family. We’re sure we’ll see more as things go along, and it seems that she’s having some issues with one of her viewers sliding into her DMs to ask for certain favors. But the more we contrast the advice she’s giving with the advice she and her loved ones aren’t following, the better.

    Let’s Talk About CHU 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online