July 24, 2024

Kryptonim: Polska 2023 Movie Review

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Kryptonim: Polska 2023 Movie Review

” Kryptonym Polska ” was supposed to be a rainbow-radical romantic comedy in which Romeo and Juliet AD 2022 fight for love against their shared beliefs. However, Piotr Kumik ‘s film is closer than Shakespeare’s tragedy to a morality play in which the forces of Good and Evil fight for the soul of the hero. The feeling emerging between Pola ( Magdalena Maścianica ) and Sławek ( Maciej Musiałowski ) is a good excuse to look at contemporary Poland. And although there is no shortage of jokes about the current political situation, there are also occasions for reflection.

The creators are clearly on the side of the rainbow, Roman ( Borys Szyc) and his brown companions from the ZMR (Radical Youth Union) assigning the function of villains and aiming at them with the blade of satire. This lack of symmetry will probably raise objections among some of the audience, but let’s agree that Hitler’s sympathizers are not material for positive heroes. The duo Jakub Rużyło and Łukasz Sychowicz are responsible for the scriptdraws handfuls from real situations that we could learn about from news websites over the last few years. The birthday of the leader of the Third Reich, the burning of an effigy of a Jew or the invitation to Poland of an Italian neo-fascist are mercilessly ridiculed. However, screenwriters know when to stop the merry-go-round of laughter. When in one of the scenes Roman explains to Sławek that LGBT people are “not people, but ideology”, we feel that these words are an introduction to brutal acts.

In ” Kryptonima… ” there is no shortage of accurate observations about the everyday life of young Poles. Sławek’s life situation is unenviable. His dreams of a football career were shattered by an injury. The private owner he works for ( Cezary Pazura ) sees no reason to pay him enough to become independent. So the young man lives with his parents, sharing a room with his teenage sister ( Zoja Zbąska). His life changes when he accidentally meets Pola – an idealist terrified of the radicalizing movements of the right, who was forced to return home from Warsaw by the loss of her job and her boyfriend’s betrayal. Sławek imagines the girl as his wife and mother of a bunch of children. However, he is aware that his involvement in ZMR’s activities is a serious obstacle on their way to common happiness.

Played by Maciej Musiałowskithe hero is not a bad person. There is actually nothing against Jews or LGBT people. It seems that he is persuaded by Roman to join his group out of boredom – hanging out with his buddies is better than rotting in a booth in the parking lot or verbal scuffles with his sister. Anyway, the declaration “you don’t lose brothers” stamped on the shoulders obliges – if Roman once helped him raise money for rehabilitation, then why would he turn his back on him? The perspective of the inhabitants of a small town is also important. When everything that does not fit into the conservative canon is presented as a threat, you have to take sides. And as you know, it’s easier to identify with something we know, even if we don’t fully agree with it, than with a strange “other”.

Borys Szyc is great as Roman. Although this character, like all neo-fascists presented on the screen, has a comical aspect, the actor makes sure not to exaggerate it. He portrays a man driven by hatred, whose fanaticism and radicalism lead to extreme acts. Karol Bernacki also deserves attention . Playing Mariusz, one of Roman’s companions, the actor subtly shows the loss of his character, who renounces his identity to be accepted by the environment.

” Codename Poland” is quite a successful satire on contemporary Poland. In fact, there is nothing to laugh at – the increasing radicalism of the right, manifested both in words and deeds, should be terrifying. The creators know, however, that laughter is a powerful weapon. , expose them as small and pathetic people who wipe their mouths with a national liberation narrative, but they stand on the side of criminals responsible for the suffering of millions of people, and this is what will hurt their supporters.

Kryptonim: Polska 2023 Movie Review