June 24, 2024

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer 2024 Movie Review

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Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer 2024 Movie Review

The latest addition to Netflix’s comedy lineup, “Natural Born Killer,” leaves much to be desired, serving as a testament to the dwindling creativity of its once-vibrant comedian, Jimmy Carr. His comedic delivery has devolved into a frantic display of darting eyes, as if he’s scanning the room for approval or perhaps dodging imaginary criticism from the “woke police.”

Throughout the special, Carr seems more preoccupied with testing the boundaries of acceptability than crafting genuinely funny material. His jokes often feel borrowed from a bygone era of comedy, lacking nuance or any semblance of thoughtful commentary. Instead, he resorts to hackneyed stereotypes and cheap shots at marginalised communities, all while laughing at his own jokes in a pitiful attempt to fill the void left by a dwindling audience response.

It’s evident that Carr struggles to find his footing amidst a comedy landscape that’s evolving towards more inventive and socially conscious humour. While other comedians are pushing boundaries and challenging norms, Carr clings desperately to his outdated brand, doubling down on platitudinous clichés and tasteless punchlines.

One of the most bewildering aspects of “Natural Born Killer” is Carr’s insistence on portraying himself as a reprehensible character, making light of topics like rape and paedophilia without offering any meaningful commentary or insight. His attempts at moralising on subjects like consent and abortion fall flat when juxtaposed with his own crude and insensitive jokes.

Finally, “Natural Born Killer” fails to deliver anything of substance, leaving viewers to wade through a sea of clichés in search of a single original joke. Carr’s insistence on maintaining his outdated persona only serves to highlight his irrelevance in today’s comedy landscape. As the special comes to a close with a misguided attempt at imparting wisdom to a teenage audience, it becomes painfully clear that Carr’s brand of humour is well past its expiration date.

Jimmy Carr: Natural Born Killer 2024 Movie Review