June 14, 2024

In the Know 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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In the Know 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    Lauren Caspian (Zach Woods) is the host of In The Know, a public radio program. He’s the third-most-popular host on NPR, and he seems to revel in that obscure bit of fame. He also likes to virtue signal, as he talks to his engineer Carl (Carl Tart) about the “unhoused gentleman” that he helped that morning, and the fact that he generally offered the man the office’s bathroom. Lauren suggests that he and Carl hang out that weekend, and Carl politely refuses, citing fictional friends that will be at his place.

    Also in the office is Barb (J. Smith-Cameron), the exceedingly polite executive producer, Chase (Charlie Bushnell), the dudebro intern, and Sandy (Mike Judge), a film reviewer that is pale and creepy. Fabian (Caitlin Reilly), the show’s super-angry researcher, tells Lauren that all he needs to know about his first guest, Kaia Gerber, is that she’s a “straight white woman.”

    After the interview with Gerber, where Lauren bounces from topic to topic, including peeing in the bathtub and the unhoused man he helped, Barb informs him that the man is still in the bathroom. She uses the term “homeless”, which Lauren says is “hate speech,” while Fabian chides Lauren for using “unhoused,” saying the proper term is “person who is currently without housing.” In the meantime, everyone has to go to the bathroom, and the unhoused person is still locked inside.

    Lauren then interviews Jonathan Van Ness, calling him the “self-described Malcolm X of the gay community.” He asks JVN surprisingly insightful questions, and as his guest gives a long answer about giving makeovers jibing with Queer Eye‘s message of self acceptance, Lauren ignores all of it responding to Barb, who wants to see just why the unhoused man in the bathroom isn’t responding to knocks or anything. He may be sick, or worse. But Lauren insists that he be undisturbed, even when Chase forgets to get him his post-show kombucha, leading to a disturbance in Lauren’s delicately-balanced gastrointestinal health.

    Created by Woods, Judge and Brandon Gardner, In The Know accomplishes a few things in a really funny way. It skewers public radio, of course, and its perpetual lack of money — in the second episode, for instance, a dudebro contributor played by Will Ferrell tempts Lauren to leave with an amount of money that makes him swoon, and it’s a nice but not earth-shattering number. It’s also a fun showcase for fully-improvised interviews between Woods as Lauren and the celebrities he talks to.

    But some of the funniest moments are when Lauren’s narcissism and virtue signaling is called out by the other people in the office, either subtly by characters like Barb or Carol or overtly by the perpetually-annoyed Fabian. Barb, for instance, is still trying to find out who murdered her husband, but that doesn’t matter in the face of whatever Lauren is doing at a particular moment.

    It’s an effective skewering of the sometimes-pretentious nature of public radio and the preciousness that some of its programming can occasionally project, but it’s also a fun way to show that while some people think they’re doing the right thing, they’re more interested in the glory of doing that right thing than anything else.

    Back to the interviews for a moment: They’re a lot of fun because they’re not designed to be Jiminy Glick-style “gotcha” questions, as strange as Lauren’s line of questioning can be at times. As Woods and Gardner have said in interviews, the celebrities are instructed to give authentic reactions, as if it’s a real interview, and to not pretend to be offended or anything else. It leads to some uncomfortable laughter, but also some intriguing responses to questions they don’t normally get.

    In the Know 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online