June 23, 2024

In Good Hands 2 2024 Movie Review

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In Good Hands 2 2024 Movie Review

In Good Hands, the 2022 romantic drama, was all about Melisa getting in touch with her son Can’s father in a rather unusual manner. The movie ended with Firat taking responsibility for Can as Melisa said her goodbyes, as she knew she didn’t have long left, thanks to her cancer. The first movie was a Turkish Netflix original and was all about people coming together as a family and learning uncomfortable truths about each other. The second film is an extension of that universe and was released on Netflix on May 23, 2024. It was directed by Ketche, who also made the first film.

In Good Hands 2 begins where the first film left off. Can is now living with Firat. Thanks to Melisa, Firat is now aware that Can is his son, while the kid has not yet been informed about the same. He still believes his mother left him with her boyfriend, who was a guardian or parent figure. While Firat is a successful businessman, he is still struggling to be a good father and deal with Melisa’s untimely death. He is also a tad bit mad at her for not letting him know about Can sooner. However, Firat has been an alcoholic since Melisa’s death, and the doctor informs him of the danger of cirrhosis, an ailment his father died of as well. On the other hand, Can is in pursuit of making a time machine as he reveals he wants to convey his love for his mother one last time. Amidst the evolving relationship dynamics between Firat and Can, the former meets Senez, an architect who has been sober for a while and a depression patient. She gets a drunk Firat home, which makes him want to pursue her as a potential partner, and she prepares a plan to make sure Can is comfortable with her. Did Can accept her as a potential partner for his father? Will Firat go down the alcoholism route once again and potentially cause himself a life-threatening disease?

The writing of the film is as simple as the first one, but it is elevated by emotions, layers, and depth given to the narrative as well as the characters. In a rare feat, the sequel turned out to be a lot better than the first one. The writing by Hakan Bonomo shines through the screen as a simple story of a father and son becoming more about a tale of moving on from grief, learning to deal with each other, and letting new people into their lives as a result. These themes are explored with a lot of subtlety and sensitivity. There are no over-the-top theatrics or dramatics included in the screenplay to expand on certain subplots. It was interesting to watch the amount of time given to let the father-son relationship grow. There were many shows, especially those coming from the Middle East, that solely focused on the mother-son relationship. This film and its prequel made sure to give ample importance to the father-son relationship and how important it is for a child, be it a girl or a boy, to have a father figure.

The sensitive representation of the father is a big win. Even when at times, some situations demand one of the characters get into physical altercations; the aftermath and the consequences of it are expressed through some good writing and execution. The writers also did amazing work talking about mental health and the importance of it to slowly move on with life and deal with it. In passing, the writers have mentioned Can taking sessions with a psychiatrist. Sezen dealing with depression after the death of a loved one is a much welcome discussion in a mainstream film coming from the Netflix Middle East.

The direction of the film is a tad bit shaky at times, especially towards a subplot about Firat resorting to alcohol just before the climax, but it gains control as the writing is filled with emotions that elevate the viewing experience. We guarantee the audience will be teary-eyed and smiling by the end of the film. The chemistry between the trio—Firat, Can, and Sezen—is amazing, to say the least. There is a sense of togetherness, love, and family as the movie progresses towards the climax. Thankfully, the writers of the movie did not divert from the main plot line and kept the narrative simple and connected. In Good Hands 2 has a lot of similarities to the first movie. Anyone who enjoyed the first film would be able to point out the similarities, especially at the beginning and end. However, the writing is so good that there isn’t any redundancy seen in the film. It only adds to the excitement about this film. The end of the film is predictable, yet the complexity of the screenplay makes the film full of sentiments.

The romance showcased between Firat and Sezen is written and translated on the screen most realistically. A lot of credit has to be given to the directors and actors for making sure they added the essence of realism and subtlety to show two characters getting to know each other and eventually falling in love. The only aspect that felt rushed was Sezen’s arc. It seems convenient how she could get out of her mental health crisis. The cinematography by James Gucciardo is impeccable, as the camera gets up close and personal about the lives Firat, Sezen, and Can have led so far. It tugs at your heart and makes the audience feel connected to the characters. There is a relatability factor in the film, which makes it a highly watchable one, especially with family on a lazy weekend. Not to forget the amazing outfits chosen for the lead characters.

The performances of the lead characters are the winners, which makes In Good Hands 2 brilliant. Kaan Urgancioglu, as Firat in the second film of the series is excellent as a person who is struggling to be a perfect father figure to Can. Firat also tries hard to not be like his own father and wants to do the right thing. Kaan Urgancioglu was brilliant and sensitive, and his role in this film is all about his willingness to make some changes in his life for the sake of Can. Mert Ege Ak as Can is terrific as an emotional boy who misses his mother but tries to deal with the loss in his own way. The boy’s performance will tug at your heart, especially during the crucial scenes. Melisa Pamuk is another excellent addition to the film, and mind you; you do not get fooled by her beauty. The woman is brilliant as Sezen, who is struggling with her tragic past, and amidst all of that, she is willing to bring two new people into her life.

In Good Hands 2 is a very good film about a family who in the pursuit of seeking closure, find themselves in the company of each other.

In Good Hands 2 2024 Movie Review