May 30, 2024

How to Become a Mob Boss Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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How to Become a Mob Boss Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    The first episode, “Land Your Dream Job,” concentrates on Al Capone, the most famous mob boss of them all. Through archival footage, animated reenactments and interviews with former mob figures like Gravano and experts in organized crime, we get a picture of Capone’s Brooklyn upbringing and how he found intimidation to be more lucrative than shining shoes. Soon, he was a teenager working for notorious thug Frankie Yale. Then, sensing opportunity, he moved to Chicago and started working for Johnny Torrio, to whom he stayed loyal as prohibition and the city’s “beer wars” started. That loyalty was eventually rewarded as Torrio retired after being shot and handed Capone the reins to the organization at the tender age of 26.

    The other “chapters”: “Build A Better Operation” featuring Frank Lucas, “Dominate Through Terror” featuring Salvatore “Totò” Riina, “Don’t Go Rogue” featuring John Gotti, “Play The Long Game” featuring Whitey Bulger, and “Break The Mold” featuring Pablo Escobar.

    The producers of the How To Become series have the format pretty well down by now, striking a good balance between the snarky “handbook” format that is ostensibly providing instructions on how to become these reviled people, but also giving biographical details and illustrations of just why these people are so reviled to begin with.

    This series on mob bosses is interesting because of who gets interviewed. The Cult Leader docuseries certainly stepped up the game by interviewing people who used to be in the cults started by the people profiled, but Mob Boss has multiple interviews with former mob figures who, suffice to say, give some colorful observations about what it takes to get to the top of a crime organization.

    In the first episode, Gravano is joined by former Colombo family capo Michael Franzese, Bobby Luisi, former underboss of the Boston Patriarca family and Renee Graziano, a Mob Wives cast member and a former consigliere for the Bonanno family, among others. As many historians and authors as this series speaks to, there is no better expert than one who actually lived the life, and we have to give the producers of this series credit for getting some pretty good people to interview.

    Like the other two series, there were elements of these figures’ history that we didn’t know, and with Capone that’s tough to do. We also appreciate the fact that the producers are going with some of the more well-known crime bosses like Capone, Gotti, Bulger and Escobar but is also profiling ones like Lucas and Riina, who are less-known in pop culture but just as influential.

    How to Become a Mob Boss Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online