June 15, 2024

Heart of the Hunter 2024 Movie Review

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Heart of the Hunter 2024 Movie Review

Zuko Khumalo ( Bonko Khoza ) actually lives a simple happy life with his wife Malime Mambi ( Masasa Mbangeni ) and their son Pakamile ( Boleng Mogotsi ). But that’s all over when one day Johnny Klein ( Peter Butler ) stands in front of him, with whom he has a long history. A very bloody backstory, as Zuko worked as a contract killer. He can put these skills to good use, as Johnny is on the trail of a big story. Daza Mtima ( Sisanda Henna ), the future president of South Africa, plans with the help of Molebogeng Kwena ( Connie Chiume ) to eliminate everyone who could pose a threat to him and thus destroy his country’s democracy…

Actually, it would have been obvious to release films for the whole family at Easter, perhaps also one or two animated titles. This year , Netflix prefers things to be a little darker. In time for the festival, some works were included in the program that are anything but festive. There is the Argentine thriller drama Rest in Peace about a man who is driven to a desperate act by his enormous debts. The French action thriller Wages of Fear aims to create suspense by having to maneuver two trucks full of explosives through the middle of a dangerous area. And the South African production The Hunter’s Heart is also action-packed.

Like the two films above, this is also based on a novel. More specifically, the book of the same name, published in 2002, was inspired by Deon Meyer , who is one of South Africa’s best-known crime authors and also worked on the script. The story may have been around for two decades, but it is as relevant today as it was back then. When The Hunter’s Heart talks about how a democracy can turn into a dictatorship, it is not difficult to draw parallels to the present. And of course also about the past, which is actually a very classic material that is being unpacked. There have always been people who want to seize power and go to great lengths to do so.

But it also means that the story is very interchangeable and negligible. There are no socially relevant themes in The Hunter’s Heart that could make the film more than an action thriller. There’s no need to look for something unique about the characters; Meyer simply wasn’t interested in them. The only thing that stands out a bit is the protagonist’s murderous past. But the film doesn’t really delve into this; the possibility for more ambivalence is ignored. Zuko is good simply because he fights the bad guys. He also needs the knowledge of his former profession in order to be able to take on an overwhelming enemy all by himself.

You shouldn’t expect anything in terms of content, not every film adaptation of a novel has an interesting story to tell. But if you don’t have that expectation at all, then this is a perfectly useful action thriller. There are a number of dangerous scenes, whether they are shootouts or car chases. Visually it also fits, director Mandla Dube ( Silverton Siege ) has already put together attractive images together with cameraman Trevor Calverley . If you like this type of film, you can take a look at this, it all serves its purpose somehow. But you can also use the time for other purposes; you won’t miss so much if you ignore The Hunter’s Heart .

Heart of the Hunter 2024 Movie Review