May 29, 2024

Fellow Travelers Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Fellow Travelers Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Fellow Travelers isn’t for those who know nothing about history nor much about the struggle and plight of gay men in the several eras this book-to-screen adaptation recounts. I mention this because I’ve seen some comments berating the creators for showing the power imbalance between the two leads and it’s generally coming from people who were born into a world where it wasn’t illegal to be gay, the world they arrived in was one where LGBT equality was at the fore and gay marriage was starting to become legal in many countries around the world, coupled with the introduction of anti-discrimination laws in the workplace and hate crime laws in many modern societies.

So, for those people who don’t get this story about the paranoia and hatred stemming from a government of the day, a government steeped in the mire of a cold war and itself paranoid beyond reason, it’s principally because they are shocked and expect every gay story to be like Heartstopper or Red, White and Royal Blue, both very enjoyable in their own right, but equally unrealistic and cuddly.

For my part, I like the cuddly stories but I also like the grit, and Fellow Travelers has plenty of grit: from the underground gay-scene to the dom-sub dynamic between the two leading men and then on to the paranoia of McCarthy-ism and the horrendous persecution and witch-hunts of gay men all of that entailed. Then onwards through the 69’s and 70’s it goes to the height of the AIDS crisis in the late 80’s, spanning the lives of the cast and the struggles of being gay at that time, and is it no wonder that the shying flowers who’ve never had those same struggles believe it’s made up or inappropriate to convey. Well, I have news for them, that was the harsh reality even if they don’t want to believe it.

It’s a reality that’s conveyed so very well in Fellow Travelers, with lavish production values from sets to costume and script. To top it all, we get to see two actual out gay actors give amazing performances and I must say that there is a realism to the sex scenes and an animalistic intensity which I don’t believe two straight actors could quite achieve so convincingly. Although it shouldn’t matter if an actor is good whter he’s gay or not and I’ve not seen love making as convincing since Free Fall, the German gay film, and that was a straight cast as far as I know. Nevertheless, there’s something special going on between Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey in Fellow Travelers and perhaps it’s the fact that we know they’re both gay men that helps us to buy into it more.

Amid other reviews here taking of ratings bombing and social media with various moaners who want cuddly stories I felt the need to write a review and point out that this production and story is top notch, it’s special and it’s a rarity to find two out gay men playing two gay characters in a serious drama.

This is without question, one time where it would be very remiss to believe any of the reviews, including this one, and just simply make up your own minds after watching this outstanding show. If you like it, it deserves your support, if you don’t, please remember that there was a time when a story like this one wouldn’t even be considered for production and it is books that have made these TV series possible. More importantly it’s about remembering the persecution and then writing about it, it’s those stories that have liberated gay men to the extent that they now have the luxury of watching themselves, and lives which went before, portrayed on screen by two out gay actors. That alone is remarkable. If we want more real gay stories, the equation is simple: lend your support, it will be rewarded by a great story and excellent acting such as that of Fellow Travelers.

Fellow Travelers Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online