June 24, 2024

Feedback Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Feedback Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Once upon a time, Marcin Kania ( Arkadiusz Jakubik ) was a celebrated rock star. But that was a long time ago. Instead of inspiring his audience on stage, he spends most of his time stumbling around drunk. Even when he met his son Piotr ( Jakub Sierenberg ), he had drunk far too much; he can only vaguely remember the evening in the restaurant. But now Piotr has disappeared and Marcin is the last person to see him alive. Has something happened to him? Where else did he go that evening? If he wants to see his son again, the struggling father must find a way to find his missing memories…

Even though Netflix now imports everything possible from Poland and covers a wide variety of genres, at least initially the streaming service focused on crime and thrillers. Among other things, The Grave in the Forest and In the Swamp attracted mysterious cases that had to be solved. If you like these types of stories, there is now a film tear on offer. Here, too, the main character has to solve mysteries and solve a case. Except that this one is of a very personal nature and no experienced inspector is looking for clues. Instead, it’s up to a drunken wreck to shed light on the darkness, which is a bit difficult when you can barely think clearly.

The initial scenario is one that is used in many mystery thrillers: the main character comes to himself with no memory and, in search of answers, must also find out what he himself has forgotten. Film tear is not much different. For once, however, we know – the title already suggests – why the protagonist can’t remember anything. He was completely drunk, as he often was. This doesn’t have that much influence on the course of the plot, the principle remains the same. Marcin looks for clues and talks to other people while the flashbacks increase. An attractive variant is that the gradual realizations are accompanied by greater disillusionment. The more the man turns away from alcohol, the clearer his vision becomes – in more ways than one.

But that doesn’t mean that the path to knowledge is straight. In fact, the adaptation of a novel by Jakub Zulczyk has many twists and turns. Whenever you think you now know what the whole thing is going to lead to, things turn out differently. Filmriss is therefore worth seeing for an audience that likes to puzzle and make hypotheses. Over the course of the five episodes, there’s a lot of material to ponder over. The denouement is also tough, pulling the ground from under your feet once again. While twists in crime novels are often very constructed and you don’t care at all whether it makes sense or is comprehensible, the ending here is a logical consequence.

At the same time, the Polish production is also very dramatic when we get insights into the dysfunctional family. The more we learn about the son’s disappearance, the more we learn about the various depths of the Kanias. This is also worth seeing because of actor Arkadiusz Jakubik ( I’m a Killer ). It is well known that the main character in crime novels and thrillers can be a little more broken today. The Scandinavian genre representatives in particular have shown the way. But when the film breaks , it’s a whole lot worse when Marcin is a wreck. It’s not even the case that he’s likeable and that’s why you keep your fingers crossed for him. And yet the search of a desperate father leaves an impression when he realizes that many an abyss awaits in the sea of ​​alcohol.

“Filmriss” takes a popular scenario from mystery thrillers when the main character has to solve a puzzle and can’t remember anything. The novel adaptation changes this in an attractive way when a drunken ex-rock star searches for his missing son. It’s exciting and complex, but also quite tragic at the same time.

Feedback Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online