June 23, 2024

Dunki 2023 Movie Review

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Dunki 2023 Movie Review

There’s a sense of warmth after watching Dunki. It is a rollercoaster of emotions which seamlessly blends the world of Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani. This combo is a dream come true. In this age of nonstop action movies, it emerges as a breath of fresh air. It’s very soulful, heartwarming & wholesome. The subject is very bold and surely not many Indians might have heard of it, but it’s executed in such a manner that everyone will connect to it. First half makes us laugh wholeheartedly, while second half makes everyone very emotional.

SRK just nails it, his performance is very honest, sincere and he is funny, charming, innocent and so uniquely characterized. It brings back the charm of his soft boy era and it reminds so much of his My Name Is Khan, Swades, Chak De India days. Plus he nailed those monologues. The whole cast here is just excellent. First of all take a boy Vicky Kaushal, what a fabulous performance. He was super duper impactful. Taapsee was very good and she makes a really good pair with SRK. Vikram Kochhar and Anil Grover fit in their characters perfectly and deliver outstanding performances. All the characters are well-defined and executed with finesse.

Then talking about the man himself, Rajkumar Hirani. He understands the audience’s pulse with precision. He knows how to make us laugh, make us love, make us engaged, make us feel emotional, but most importantly give a good message too. His movies speak to us. His filmmaking style is one that I just absolutely adore, and the emotions he makes us feel are just so profound. He also can consistently hold your attention. No matter where the plot goes, you are completely and utterly invested in the journey. And Dunki is no exception to this. He made a winner.

The actual Dunki portions have been shot really, really well be it locations, camera work etc. The cinematography is absolutely gorgeous and the film is extremely beautiful on screen, especially during the journey the characters undertake. The Nikle The Kabhi Hum Ghar Se sequence was absolutely brilliant and my high point of the movie. The way songs have been placed take the story forward.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Dunki. I laughed many times, I was at the edge of my seat a few times, I had a smile on my face most of the time and even almost a tear in my eyes a couple of times. He’s able to touch such a sensible topic in a light way but then make things dramatic when needed. Dunki has classic written all over it and I’m sure this will join the list of memorable SRK movies.

Dunki 2023 Movie Review