July 24, 2024

Disco Boy 2024 Movie Review

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Disco Boy 2024 Movie Review

    Living true to its title, Disco Boy delivers a psychedelic spectacle for both eyes and ears, though, they’re not enough to make this a remarkable movie. Luckily, the story lives up to the high bars and questions the structure of the modern world as we know it.

    The movie follows two main characters-Aleksei and Jomo-with the primary focus being on the former. They were raised and live in vastly different parts of the world. Aleksei is Belarusian and escapes to French Foreign Legion. Jomo tries to defend the Niger Delta from foreign greedy companies which threaten his village and family.

    Despite being so further apart, the characters couldn’t be more similar on the inside. They are both victims of the cruelty of today’s world, having gone through tough times, with little to no perspectives for a better future. But they don’t give up and keep doing what they can to make improvements-Aleksei for himself, Jomo for the people around him, including his sister Udoka, who later on serves as a symbolic connection between the two main characters.

    Their worlds eventually clash with each other, and the outcome is somewhat expected. However, as it’s painted with neon colors and accompanied by a techno-like soundtrack, the experience is exhilarating and capturing.

    There are moments where the camera is showing the picture through a night vision, underlining the dramaturgy and weight of certain decisions and scenes, possibly trying to show people in their true colors. In other moments, characters are questioning their own existence and everything around them, luring the viewers to do the same. But, heavy techno music makes you feel out of touch, similar to people currently on the screen.

    Art cinema often likes to pose a lot of meaningful questions while making it not so easy to find answers for them. Director Giacomo Abbruzzese does the same thing, though, this time the movie isn’t too bleak or slow to understand. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Disco Boy sucks you in, offering you many intriguing layers, which mixed with Franz Rogowski’s hypnotizing delivery of Alex, create a ride with no brakes.

    No movie is flawless, and Disco Boy isn’t an exception. Sometimes the movie feels dragged and repetitive, with some themes going in circles. Certain plots feel a bit missed as if they were added with no clear beginning and finish.

    These flaws made me view the movie as rather insignificant, going over issues that were already depicted in cinema many times. Yet, the more time passes since I saw it, the more I think about it and grow to appreciate it. In my eyes, that’s one of the greatest things about cinema-sticking to you like glue.

    Disco Boy 2024 Movie Review