February 22, 2024

Detective Forst 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Detective Forst 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Commissioner (as in: detective) Wiktor Forst (Szyc) came to the police department in Zakopane from Kraków, where whatever he did got him busted and banished to this remote posting in the Podhale region of Poland’s southern highlands. It’s an area rich with the traditions of mountain folk like the Gorals, but religious history too, which is how Forst finds himself standing in the cold at Giewont (1894 MASL). A body has been tied to the massive steel cross that rises over 50 meters above the mountainside. At the scene, prosecutor Dominika Wadrys-Hansen (Kamilla Baar) barely acknowledges Forst, and his boss, Chief Inspector Edmund Osica (Andrzej Bienias) gripes about his invasive style when the detective scales the crucifix to discover an ancient-looking coin lodged in the dead man’s mouth. But Osica might just be big mad in general, because Forst is also in a situationship with his over-medicated daughter Agata (Aleksandra Grabowska).

No one in Zakopane law enforcement seems to care for Forst – lots of whispering about “You know why they fired him in Kraków, right?” – but he nevertheless seems confident that they’re dealing with a high-functioning serial killer who definitely wants to be noticed. The next body to appear bears similarities – a victim displayed, a coin again, a certain type of knot – but Osica bows to pressure and kicks Forst off the case. That’s OK – unofficial feels like Forst’s official speed anyway, and he soon teams up with disgraced local journalist Olga Szrebska (Zuzanna Saporznikow) and a youthful hacker named Staszek (Szymon Wróblewski), who reveals that the coin in the killings dates from the late 2nd century.

Forst’s mountain hideaway trailer (1056 MASL) is where he listens to records, finds time for trysts with Agata, and pops ketoprofen for chronic debilitating migraines, which bring on flashbacks that reference childhood trauma and maybe a link to the serial killer’s favorite coin. And while the local establishment doesn’t seem to want Forst anywhere near these slayings, which are marked by brutal violence and intriguing imagery, when did a smart detective who makes his own rules ever fully obey his bosses?

When Osica, his chief inspector boss, let fly at least two “Goddammit, Forst!” moments within the first two minutes of our meeting him, we were already sure that we’d enjoy how this detective goes about his business. And the setting in Detective Forst is provoking, too – a mountain region where the environment, weather, and local histories and secret-keeping can all be inhospitable to outsiders. If that description feels somewhat like shows from the thriving Nordic noir genre, the comparison holds. But there is an eeriness permeating Forst, too – screechy, lingering music cues, and horror movie visuals suggested with lots of overlit reds, sickly greens, and harsh blues – all of which combine with Forst himself dropping Miami Vice references and generally behaving like every “cop on the edge” we’ve met in any police procedural ever.

With his beard and gruff charm, Borys Szyc sells Forst’s vibe in not so many words. We know he’s got traumas, kept in check with pills. We know he doesn’t drink “anymore.” (A running joke is the detective constantly asking people for rides.) We also know he’s a womanizer – in addition to Agata, Forst flirts just enough with Olga for her to shut it down, but still express interest. And we sense he’s really good at investigating and police work, even though he’s a department pariah. It’s character dynamics like these that will keep us interested, since what is seen so far of Forst’s quarry feels like it’s right out of the Seven-style, “Serial Killers Onscreen” handbook.

Detective Forst 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online