April 21, 2024

Demons and Saviors Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Demons and Saviors Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

The first episode, “The Poltergeist Girl,” explores Christina Boyer’s tragic history, including sexual abuse, adoption, and a 16-year-old child who had a child with a man who abused her. Boyer claims supernatural abilities, witnesses poltergeist moments, and is the subject of a book. Any armchair psychologist could argue their “magical thinking” was being used as a protective measure.

“Who Killed Amber Bennett” is the second episode and explores the death of Boyer’s three-year-old daughter. She moved to Georgia and met David Herrin, who allegedly, per this docuseries, is the most logical suspect in Amber’s death. Yet, Boyer was convicted, and a jury acquitted Herren of murder. The implication is Boyer’s reputation, and outsider status made her the logical scapegoat.

The final episode, “Team Tina vs.. the Prosecution,” sets this docuseries apart because it showcases an eye-opening prosecution overreach. Georgetown law students question the prosecutors and police in charge of the Bennett murder. Continuously, those with real-world experience come across as being led by their passions (aka bias) instead of relying on actual evidence.

The police and prosecutor, in my view, unconsciously keep using the fact she was the mother as a reason for her conviction, all while admitting Boyer was not there for the six hours when the alleged fatal blow happened while Herrin watched the child.

Also, the prosecution knew they could not prove who struck the child in the head, which caused Amber’s death.The filmmakers admirably show Amber’s horrible qualities as a mother (described as “survival sex work”). They even justify the State’s passions, revealing their implicit bias in their prosecution. On camera, they offer passion but little factual support when given the chance to provide evidence of Boyer’s guilt. It’s genuinely shocking. I’m surprised the court didn’t try to drown Boyer to prove she’s a witch.

Hulu has long been a home for gripping true crime stories, but the streamer’s latest series is taking it a step further, blending the genre with a hint of paranormal overtones. Demons and Saviors, a three-part series will dive into the unbelievable life of Christina Boyer who, through her communications with the afterlife, earned the nickname “poltergeist girl.” But, her story doesn’t end with chats with the deceased and demonic as, in 1992, she was accused of murdering her three-year-old daughter, an allegation that she would be found guilty of, landing her in prison where she still maintains her innocence. In an exclusive-to-Collider trailer, the story of Boyer’s early life growing up in a loveless household, the discovery of her supernatural abilities, and the trial for the death of her daughter are wrapped into a tight two minutes with plenty left to be unveiled when the series premieres on August 3.

In the teaser, those closest to Boyer reminisce about the “unbelievable” things that would happen to the young woman and the terrifying experiences she encountered. Straight from Boyer’s mouth, she shares her memories of “things” beginning to happen to her from the young age of 14 while others explain the “see it to believe it” mentality surrounding the psycho-telekinetic abilities of the young woman. After suffering through abuse during her teenage years, Boyer begins her next chapter with a husband with whom she has her daughter, Amber Boyer. When the girl turns up dead with signs of physical abuse, Boyer is immediately seen as the number one suspect, leading to a long and turbulent road through the court system with those in her corner still pushing for her freedom today.

Produced by Latchkey Films and ABC News Studios, the team that recently brought audiences The Ashley Madison Affair, Betrayal: The Perfect Husband, and The Randall Scandal, Demons and Saviors is directed by Alex Waterfield. Waterfield also served as an executive producer under Latchkey Films with Nick Capote, Tim Clancy, and Jackie Jesko, with ABC News Studios’ David Sloan as the senior executive producer and Muriel Pearson as executive producer.

Demons and Saviors Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online