April 21, 2024

Deep Fake Love Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Deep Fake Love Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

In fake or love? , Netflix ‘s latest intellectual excrement , five couples put their relationships to the test. That premise alone would be bad enough, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Anyone who finds it necessary to test their partner or the relationship is already acting out of distrust and insecurity, and may only be clinging to an illusion. The result will never be satisfactory. Of course, if the partner fails the test, that’s not the desired result; if the test is passed, however, in the eyes of such people nothing has been proven and the next test must be forthcoming.

The candidates in Fake or Love?are then also exactly as one imagines the participants of such a show. All modern people who have no relation to the concept of a real relationship and are instead riddled with doubts. Some of the couples are about to get married – taking any tests at this stage is nothing more than a testament that you are not ready for this step, especially with the person in question. It is not so easy to determine whether those involved can really do so much for the fact that they are useless in this respect. Some people are simply a product of their environment, and of course many efforts have been made in recent years to undermine traditional relationships – not least with reality shows like Fake or Liebe?, which, despite its content, is miraculously 12+.

The basic idea of ​​fake or love?is actually quite interesting – as material for a fictional film or a fictional series. The five couples are separated and the participants move into a house with other singles to create an environment in which fidelity can be tested. Meanwhile, the production is busy creating deepfake videos that have the contestants act in compromising situations to confront the respective partners. At first they do not know that what is shown is not real. Only at the end of the first episode is it revealed what exactly is being played here. In a fictional film, all of this could be implemented in a reasonably interesting way: Five couples are kidnapped by a crazy billionaire and become victims of his sadistic torture games – something could be made of it. As a reality show, however, the whole thing is more of an embarrassing circus.

In the second episode, people are told again that deepfakes are being used, and those who have mentally tuned out by this point will wonder if there are simply new candidates that just happen to look similar to the original ones, or what else should give to chew it all over again. The probability that all this garbage is scripted is quite high. The reactions of the various participants to the respective deepfake videos are exactly what you would expect from an amateur actor with a bad director with clumsy stage directions.

Otherwise sets fake or love? on scenes with lots of nudity when the quasi- and real singles have fun with each other. It takes a special breed of person to behave like that in society, especially in front of the cameras. The whole thing keeps reminiscent of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On . At least the deepfakes were successful. While it’s sometimes possible to tell the difference between real and fake, overall the current state of this technology is both impressive and frightening. Sooner or later this stuff will definitely not only be used for stupid shows, but to cause considerable damage.

“Fake or love?” takes a halfway interesting basic idea for a work of fiction and turns it into a dingy reality series. Absolute waste of time.

Deep Fake Love Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online