April 23, 2024

Damsel 2024 Movie Review

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Damsel 2024 Movie Review

    Damsel is an average movie, it’s not bad, but not good either. It won’t break records, it won’t be remembered within a few hours of watching it, but it did it’s job for the most part, and that was entertain… well it did for me anyways.

    The good things about this movie are the visuals. The CGI is really good considering this is a TV movie. The costumes, set design, and dragon design are all fantastic. It’s a good film to look at. The action scenes are well shot, and there are some very well directed scenes. The flaming bird scene for example. I was surprised how violent this was considering it was rated 12. There were some gory scenes, and some really graphic burning moments.

    The characters, the world and pretty much everything else is poor. The acting is flat by everyone, even the greats like Angela Basset feel wooden, but they can’t exactly do much with the bad dialogue they are given. Millie is ok, I guess. She’s not bad, but not good either. I will say this, her character wasn’t this boss bi*** like Hollywood have a habit of making these days. She get’s beaten throughout the movie, and only has her smarts. You won’t see her flip some 6 foot man while wielding a greatsword, instead she uses her wits. This made her a little more likeable.

    The biggest praise goes to the dragon. This character had more development than any other in the film. Voiced by Shohreh Aghdashloo, she brings a very well needed thrill to this otherwise dull flick. All of her scenes were all done.

    But that’s where the praise ends. I’m sure the writers and director wasn’t trying to make some masterpiece, obviously, but they made a reasonable flick here. It’s just fine. There are worse things out there.

    Damsel 2024 Movie Review