June 24, 2024

Colors of Evil: Red 2024 Movie Review

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Colors of Evil: Red 2024 Movie Review

Colors of Evil: Red’ aka ‘Kolory zla. Czerwien’ is streaming on Netflix on May 29, 2024. The psychological thriller movie tells the story of a passionate prosecutor Leopold Biski (Jakub Gierszal) and Helena Bogucka (Maja Ostaszewska) who investigate the death of Helena’s daughter whose body has been found on a beach.

As the investigation deepens, all roads point to a seaside club that connects this murder to a similar murder that happened 15 years ago. As the layers of this case peel off, we discover the psychology of the killer and his brutal motives behind the murder. The tenacious will of the investigators helps them solve this case.

The movie is directed by Adrian Panek who has a great grasp of how to build a psychological thriller. The inner growth of the characters as they deal with something so gruesome is a subplot of the film that makes it all the more engaging. Here is a detailed review of the movie.

‘Colors of Evil: Red’ is written brilliantly and the focus of the screenplay is on the psychology of the central characters in the film. The character arcs are intermingled with the plot of the film and right from the first act of the film till the big reveal happens in the climax, the audience is intrigued with the various red herrings and character developments.

The movie is directed smartly and there are not many action bits in the film, the plot twists and turns intrigue the audience enough to keep them on the edge of their seat.

The writer has smartly left breadcrumbs for the audience to chew on while they watch the film as they keep guessing and the big payoff at the end completes the plot.

The film has some brilliant performances elevating the film and holding a complicated plot together. Maja Ostaszewska is excellent in her role as Helena Bogucka. She has to portray emotional scenes where she has to let go and there are some scenes where she has to be less expressive. She does both with great skill and ability.

Jakub Gierszal brings a lot of passion to Leopold Bislki’s character. The role needs him to portray controlled aggression and tenacity and his performance makes anyone else unimaginable in the character.

‘Colors of Evil: Red’ has everything that makes a psychological thriller work. It has a good plot that is executed to perfection. It has great cinematography and brilliant use of color palettes, and it has good music to keep the audience engaged.

The film is edited well but maybe could have cut down on its length by about 10 minutes by avoiding a couple of scenes that felt a little stretched. Overall the film is a well-made thriller that sets itself apart from the ubiquitous barrage of crime thrillers.

Colors of Evil: Red 2024 Movie Review