July 24, 2024

Capsules 2023 Movie Review

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Capsules 2023 Movie Review

Horror fans who are looking for a new thrill should mark their calendars for March 31, 2023, the release date for the science-fiction horror film, “Capsules.” This debut feature from writer/director Luke Momo follows a group of four college chemistry students who experiment with ingesting mysterious pills during a late-night study session. The tagline “Hell is a trip” hints at the danger that awaits these unsuspecting students.

While “Capsules” the horror movie has an interesting concept, it falls short of being a true cinematic masterpiece. The characters could have benefited from more development, and the constant loud and overwhelming score detracts from the film’s overall impact. However, the solid production quality and strong performances by Caroline Potter Shriver and Kate Pittard make “Capsules” an enjoyable quasi-thriller.

As the students struggle to stay awake and study for their upcoming finals, they are intrigued by the idea of using the pills to enhance their performance. Ryan, one of the students, remembers a classmate who had a study guide that could help them ace their exams, and they decide to track him down. They find him passed out on the street with a vial of the mysterious pills in his hand.

Despite their better judgment, the students take the pills, only to experience a range of uncomfortable and disturbing side effects. They quickly realize that they cannot stop taking the pills without suffering fatal consequences. The film explores the students’ addiction to the pills and the desperate measures they take to obtain more.

Director Luke Momo, making his full-length film debut, finds interesting angles to explore, such as the student’s educational interests and the lengths that desperate addicts will go to kick their addiction. The cast is solid, with Caroline Potter Shriver and Kate Pittard standing out for their portrayals of the characters’ differing responses to the situation.

One of the weaknesses of the film is its lack of character development. While the characters react differently to their predicament, they are not fleshed out enough to make the audience invest in their story. Jasper, the outcast who initially refuses to join the study group, is particularly underdeveloped, and Ryan’s romantic interest in Dev overshadows Maya’s character.

The film’s score is also a point of criticism. Momo fills numerous moments of silence with a booming, borderline obnoxious score that overwhelms the film. A less intrusive musical accompaniment would have sufficed and created a more effective atmosphere.

Despite these weaknesses, “Capsules” is a decent quasi-thriller with an interesting concept. In conclusion, “Capsules” is a film that horror fans should check out, but it falls short of its full potential due to underdeveloped characters and an overpowering score. Director Luke Momo shows promise in his debut feature and will likely improve with experience.

Capsules 2023 Movie Review