June 23, 2024

Can I Tell You A Secret? 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Can I Tell You A Secret? 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

    I’m surprised at the low star reviews here, but perhaps this film hasn’t obtained the audience it was aimed at, which is the younger people who are living there entire life on social media. Or maybe they aren’t leaving reviews. Everyone should watch this to understand how important safety online is and how easy it is for someone to fool you into thinking they’re somebod they aren’t.

    Matthew, who had done so much damage to so many people, is the most prolific, arguably. But this is not an isolated incident. These young girls get on social media practically nude doing things that they think are making them get views and likes and followers. They leave their friends list open, oftentimes to people who don’t even have to be on their friends list to view it. They post where they’ve been and where they’re going. It’s no wonder that more people haven’t done this exact thing. It’s no surprise that someone with autistic spectrum found this to be a hobby he was really good at. But this is a huge crisis in our world. Oftentimes you see people posting on their own social media page that if someone tells them that they changed their number or changed their Facebook to not believe them. And that’s a good rule of thumb – as well a get proof before you send sensitive info to an unfamiliar profile regarless of thename displayed. But we don’t learn that in junior high school, at least not that I know of. Free food for thought there, though.

    The internet has hijacked our lives so fast from the time AOL made us pay $20 an hour to get on the information Highway with no ads and free websites to this moment In time where everything not only costs us money but the people trying to advertise to us and get our attention and get our money are using our own RAM on our own computer to force their way into our lives. They’re tracking us, they’re keeping tabs on what we’re buying and what credit card we’re using and who are main contacts are. It’s a frightening world.

    There are a lot more celebrities, if you consider a social media influencer a celebrity – personally, I don’t but it’s the new trend. We no longer have one new rising star every few months or few years, we have hundreds of people every week spending all of their free time on social media trying to get followers. Some actually figure out how to make money at it but most people don’t. If you can believe that.

    I found this film to be something of an important insertion into the lives of those young people who will bother to watch it and, in that sense, I felt the film was well done if you consider that it’s aimed at young people who are actually on the internet trying to make a name for themselves and not being taught -or ignoring- the laws of safety. I didn’t think it dragged on too much – goodness sakes isn’t it only two episodes?

    And just some trivia, I thought the producers were inserting that strange voice even though we initially think the perpetrator is only responding through text. But if you’re watching closely there is one moment or actually probably more like a 15-second spot where they show the perpetrator speaking and then slow the voice down and it becomes that voice that we hear throughout the film. So yes it’s for drama but it is actually mimicking his voice slowed down or disguised. Enemy rate I appreciated the dramatization of voices as if they were reading their own text because I don’t like reading text all the time. I’ve never been one to watch films where I have to read the English translation unless it’s a real good documentary and I’m not a fan of the modern technique of making the audience read text. So I personally appreciated them adding those voices.

    Can I Tell You A Secret? 2024 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online