June 24, 2024

Atlas 2024 Movie Review

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Atlas 2024 Movie Review

The movie starts out great. We have a cop who is frustrated with her life, she’s an emotional mess, heavily addicted to coffee and falls a sleep on the couch regularly, living the bachelor’s lifestyle. So your typical 80’s and early 90s cop movie start but with a PG-13 rating.

Our protagonist Atlas, is also a bit rash, hyper intelligent, she doesn’t like to play by the rules, mistrusting, and is a bit to heavy handed. I really liked that this Hollywood trope and I’ve never seen this type character given to a female lead. Made the old trope fresher.

I hate to say this, but this movie is a missed opportunity for a great sci-fi move. But it is sort of broken into two peaces. On one side it’s a real deal sci-fi, and on the other it’s a pure action movie. And a lot of this action could have been cut out to explore more sciency stuffs.

For you who like a character driven plot, you might like this movie. Our protagonist is forced to go on an extremely dangerous mission, and in order to save her life and accomplish her life’s mission, she has to learn to trust an AI robot, and grow as a person.

There are some serious issues in this movie, on how technology works, based on the information the audience is given, and a few highly derivative scenes designed to keep the character narrative progressing forward…but it is a movie, and not a book.

I looked at a few reviews, and I was very surprised at the hate on Jenifer Lopez. I have never been into pop culture and didn’t realize who the lead was until I looked at the IMBD actors list. I personally think she did a great job, looked great with the new hairstyle, and playing a different character. She is very likable. So, my point is I have no idea why she is despised by so many reviewers…? Perhaps, she made some insensitive comments in the pop literature? I just don’t know.

Overall, this could have been a very serious sci-fi movie, but the direction opted for an action movie instead. So grab a beers or a wine bottle, put you thinking cap do the side, and enjoy the pretty ride.

Atlas 2024 Movie Review