February 29, 2024

Animal 2023 Movie Review

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Animal 2023 Movie Review

People really need to understand the character can be problematic and yet the movie can be loved! Also it’s high time we as an audience realise that it’s not actor/director’s responsibility of what audience is deciding to learn from their movies. So yes the Character was problematic but it’s just another fictional character and shouldn’t be glorified also not crucified.

Now coming to the movie went to first day first show and had high expectations but I am totally satisfied. I am not a film critic I am just a normal guy who loves movies so can’t go deep into analysis but here goes my review!

The show was housefull as expected and atmosphere was electric! Even during intermission I could easily hear other talking about how they are loving the movie. The movie is indeed very long and I will agree second part feels stretched but it’s not as bad as many people are suggesting.

Songs are good and music is engaging. Watching Marathi song in fighting scene took me by a surprise and whole theatre enjoyed it!

Ranbir have done phenomenal job and he is going to win bunch of awards for this role for sure. Rashmika+Ranbir combo was good but felt the chemistry could have been better. Bobby was criminally under utilised but he was top notch. Shakti Kapoor’s role was very useless and couldn’t grab any attention at all. Anil Kapoor was brilliant and his emotions could be felt by everyone watching.

A worthy mention is small cameo of Upendra Limaye! He got a huge cheer the moment he arrived on the big screen. He showed his acting calibre in just 5 minutes. I really hope more Marathi actors like him get chance to show their craft in Bollywood.

If possible go to theatres. I also believe it’s rating will take a hit once it’s released on OTT. People who watched in theatres and those who will watch it on OTT will have different opinions about this movie.

Animal 2023 Movie Review