July 24, 2024

Am I Being Unreasonable? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Am I Being Unreasonable
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Am I Being Unreasonable? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

This was either a totally surreal comment on 21st century life, or 21st century life has become so totally surreal that this was a very straight and objective view of it. I favour the latter. I did notice that one of the detractors on here described it as ‘almost surreal’, so at least she/he got that right, even at a cost of failing to appreciate surrealism as an art form. Probably thinks Salvador Dali is a soccer player.

We first saw Daisy May Cooper in ‘The Witchfinder’, witch – sorry – which we found to be an outstanding portrayal of that 17th century period of horror. We detected the hand of Steve Coogan in the audacious notion of making a comedy about the murder of so many innocent women in the name of religion. Look at some parts of the world and you see that not a lot has changed in nearly four centuries. But once again, the detractors of that simply didn’t get it. 17th century special effects really aren’t quite up to the minute, now are they? Great acting with clever witty dialogue simply doesn’t crack it for some. Am I being unreasonable?

So, to return to this series, the name of Daisy May attracted us to it, and we became instantly hooked. Six half-hour episodes, and at the end of each we were animated, if a bit emotionally exhausted, and desperate to see what happened next. It had its bit of implausibility, and it had its bit of ‘suspend disbelief’, but this was theatre. Did not Shakespeare do precisely the same, including messing about with witches? To a considerable extent this was ‘theatre of the absurd’, but again, that is itself an art form.

Daisy May as ‘Nic’ and her co-writer Selin Hizli, as ‘Jen’, dance an intriguingly complex emotional and almost sexual pas-de-deux around one another, while the brilliant Lenny Rush as ‘Ollie’ looks like a star in the making.

Duffel coats had been standard army and navy issue in wartime, and I remember clearly how they remained popular through the 50s and into the mid-60s, by when the fashion faded away. I never realised they had returned. Don’t wear one. And in the meantime we have Mister Meowgi and Splat the Rat. Is there any connection? But all that would be telling, and a spoiler, so we won’t go there.

Am I Being Unreasonable? Review 2023 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online