February 22, 2024

Air 2023 Movie Review

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Air 2023 Movie Review

Let’s start with the script, Alex Convery knew how to wrote a plot driven script with reasonable characters. It’s constantly going and growing.

Ben Affleck showed us at “Argo” that for plot driven real life stories, he is an excelent storyteller. Once again he knew how to tell the story with complete excitement and great character works. Cast has been used wonderfully, Affleck made sure to brought them to life. It’s like one of those classic movies that you know how it’s going to end, but you still wanna see every scene and every nuance of it. Ben Affleck’s first non-crime film looks like it’ll be a cinema classic, hope to see more of these stuff from Ben.

Film has both stylish and realistic look on it’s cinematography, thanks to second time collabration between Robert Richardson and Ben Affleck. (First one Live by Night) And we all know that Ben Affleck is an filmmaking nerd, he has editing machines at his house and loves working in the editing room, with his best editing oscar winner for “Argo” collabrator William Goldenberg, they have created a fast moving, inspiring cut with Jordan’s story.

Let’s talk about the stars: Matt Damon is doing what he does best, a hero that is not flawless, more realistic, and constantly knows he is a humanbeing. We have seen this kind of works from Matt Damon, but this time, he looks soo relaxed doing it. You’ll see that Sonny Vacaro should only played by him.

Ben Affleck’s Phil Knight is funny, sarcastic and realistic. Later in his career he took roles like “Cont Pierre” at “The Last Duel” and “Uncle Charlie” at “The Tender Bar” in both of these movies he was the sarcastic supporting role that stole the show everytime he was on the screen, and he has done it again. Ben Affleck completely knows how to cast himself.

Jason Bateman’s comedic touch is superb. His character was like a bit ordinary company men, but he has givin a fresh touch to that 2D part. This maybe the best example how to use Jason Bateman in a movie.

Chris Tucker was adorable in the movie, he may not have a big role in this, but every scene he is in, you’ll feel his magic. Ben Affleck created a comfort zone for him where he could do some “Chris Tucker” stuff without ruining the reality of the movie.

And of course Viola Davis… Michael Jordan’s only wish for the movie was Viola Davis playing his mother. And Viola Davis did something special here. Incredible realistic mother portrail with strong woman presence, Vialo Davis made one of her best works here.

As an ensemble, with Chris Messina and Marlon Wayans, everyone is so authantic and reasonable.

“Air” is something living, moving and inspirational at the same time. Ben Affleck pulled something special from his directing hat once again. Hope to see more of these kinds of dramas from Hollywood.

Air 2023 Movie Review