May 20, 2024

Abigail 2024 Movie Review

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Abigail 2024 Movie Review

The premise is simple, yet enticing. A group of criminals kidnap a little girl who’s the daughter of a powerful underworld figure. Left with this girl as they prepare to collect the ransom from her father, they eventually find out that this little girl has quite the bite to her, and they must band together if they hope to survive the night together.

Team Radio Silence have already established themselves as one of the most promising horror collectives in recent memory. Their work in the V/H/S franchise, Ready Or Not, and the latest two SCREAM movies have proven that they are a capable and reliable directorial team. So with this latest film, the question remained: would they keep their winning streak going with this one?

Fortunately, this film is a blast and a half. This team have delivered what I’d argue is their best film since Ready Or Not. The action takes a second as the movie develops its central characters and gives us reasons to know them beyond their Rat Pack-inspired names. When the blood starts flowing, though, this movie takes off and flies with absolute gusto! The comedy lands SO many times here, and the actual action/gore sequences deliver in SPADES!

The all-star cast excels with this. Melissa Barrera, reuniting with Team Radio Silence after the SCREAM films, shines as the central protagonist. We feel for her and why she does what she does, especially when we learn of her past. Dan Stevens is a foul-mouthed scene-stealer in this, and Kathryn Newton has a number of her own moments here. Giancarlo Esposito and the late Angus Cloud do just as well in smaller roles. The absolute standout, though, is Alisha Weir as the titular vampire. She knocks it out of the park in every scene she’s in, and really makes the whole experience worth it.

Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this movie. Check it out with a group of friends when you can, as this movie is best viewed with a crowd. This review comes from the world premiere at the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans.

Abigail 2024 Movie Review