February 24, 2024

A Day and a Half 2023 Movie Review

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A Day and a Half 2023 Movie Review

Fares Fares , who is currently starring in the second season of The Wheel of Time , not only co-wrote and starred in the screenplay, but also directed the film. The story is said to be based on a true incident . She tells about a hostage name .

One and a half days – to the action Artan has lost custody of his daughter , goes to the practice where his wife works and takes her hostage . He wants to get to his daughter and threatens to shoot her and himself if they don’t comply with his demands. A police officer arrives who tries to calm Artan and becomes a driver when the hostage taker wants to go to his daughter with his wife.

Along the way, it becomes increasingly clear that not everything is black and white and at the heart of this situation is a sad family drama .

Fares Fares plays the good-natured, friendly police officer who is always concerned about the safety of the hostages well, as always. But he also proves to be a good director who develops a certain narrative dynamic even in the confines of a car. The story is good , especially because it starts out like a thriller , but shifts more and more towards drama .

Because the more you learn about the kidnapper, but also his wife and her family, the more you understand him. The tragedy is then taken to the extreme because the triggering element of this escalation – his wife leaving him in a cafe despite promising to talk to him about custody – was not ill will.

In general, the acting is very good, as is the character development , not just that of the kidnapper, but that of the cop as well.

The Swedish production begins like a thriller, but becomes more and more of a hard-hitting drama, the end of which is consistent in a way – but also leaves some things open. By the way, the best line of dialogue comes when the police officer asks the hostage taker to release all the other hostages except his wife. Lines of dialogue like this are why films stay in your memory for a long time .

A Day and a Half 2023 Movie Review