No Limit 2022 Movie Review
January 27, 2023

No Limit 2022 Movie Review

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No Limit 2022 Movie Review

Once upon a time there was a film made about Gandhi who insofar as I remember was Indian. They used a British Jewish actor to play Gandhi. I still wonder why? No Indians available?

Then later on and before that they would make cowboy movies with white actors painted to look like Braves. Here in these Woke years they use actor Sofiane to play a character called Pascal which may seem a bit odd to some viewers; did they run out of Frenchmen who are not French Arabs? It seems unnecessary to me but anyway he does a great job here as the Baddie of the piece.

As regards the other main protagonist her acting is okay here only during the bar scene with the secondary love interest does she giggle a tad like a brainless model; the rest of the time she is really quite adequate even very good at times. The other acting folks here are all pretty good not stellar But pretty good.

The tale here is a total grim fest. Both main characters have childhoods that would make Dickens and Eugène Sue blush and they tell you about them. The activity they are engaged in is to a sane person so crazy that it beggars belief.

I remember the film The Big Blue from years ago (Luc Besson 1988)and this was excellent (free diving is huge in France) ; here we have what it has come to now an exaggeration a crazy hyperbolic take on free diving full of technology machines and pushing the human body to a place where it can only die.

Trying to produce no spoilers here but it does not end well surprisingly. Do not watch this film if you want something to cheer up this will not tick that box. Also it is intimated that something of the same nature happened in real time to a real female diver in The Dominican Republic; maybe just an homage; probably not a cut-and-paste

To summarise it is very adequate film well-made the acting I would rate at 75% of what it could have been; but whichever way you cut this the storyline is strong and that is a very crucial component of any movie…

No Limit 2022 Movie Review