Generation 56K Review 2021 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online
July 6, 2022

Generation 56K Review 2021 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Generation 56K
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Generation 56K Review 2021 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Ah, the nineties! At that time when many of us were still young men whose main concern in life was to bring good grades home so that we would not get slapped like a castle. When you crossed your fingers when using the Internet so that an inopportune call does not spoil your afternoon …

Yes, it has rained a lot since those years when the Internet was spreading throughout the world. Now, platforms like Netflix They use that nostalgic factor to capture the attention of some of their series, call it Stranger Things or with documentaries like The Toys That Made Us.

Now, Italy joins the retro trend with Generation 56k, a series that will transport us to the end of the 90s to make us relive that time.

We go with our review of Generation 56k, we have the modem fuming. You can already find this eight-episode series on Netflix.


Generation 56k (Generazione 56k) it’s basically a romantic comedy. Well actually the “basically” is a flourish. Much of the plot takes place in the present, where two thirty-somethings will meet again thanks, in part, to one of those dating apps.

Their reunion will lead them to evoke many of the moments they lived together (and separately) in their childhood, when they both lived on the island of Procida, on the Neapolitan coast.

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One of the “problems” with the series is that, once seen, we will feel that it is an extended romantic comedy, perhaps too much. It absolutely fulfills all movie cliches like My best friend’s Wedding.

Following in this vein, the main attraction of Generación 56k, which is precisely the nostalgia factor, is overshadowed by this current main plot, with the romantic comings and goings of the two protagonists.


The 90s facet of Generation 56k We will see it through flashbacks that will be related, more or less, with what is happening to Daniel and Matilda in the present.

Through these flashbacks we will immerse ourselves in the Procida of 1998, with that rudimentary Internet connection that will make us remember the sin we went through when images were loaded or content was downloaded.

The kiddies of Daniel and his colleagues are probably the best we have in Generation 56k, since more than one will feel identified, in part, with what happens to them or what they felt in those ages.

Now, for a nostalgic blow, Matilda’s mother’s Fiat Panda. Despite the fact that the story of the youth of the two protagonists is very successful and set, we cannot help but notice that it is very relegated to the background, almost anecdotal in some episodes.


We do not intend to make a joke with eMule (well, yes, we already have, hala). Generation 56k has a correct romantic story, sometimes with too much drama caused by the protagonists themselves in a … somewhat forced way, but deep down, humans are such botarates.

The characters, broadly speaking, are very stereotyped, something that is not surprising at this point. We will identify the roles they all play in other movies and translate them into the Netflix series story.

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It is a very affordable series: eight episodes of between 26 and 33 minutes, half an hour to round. It is consumed very easily at once or in two or three times.

As we mentioned above, the feeling is that of watching a long movie, since the plots do not span too many days.

If you are regular consumers of romantic comedies, Generation 56k You are going to like it, and it will leave you that touch of nostalgia to touch the fiber.

The main plot has many nods to movies like You have an email, but set in a more current era. However, if you don’t have a taste for that genre, the nostalgia factor may not be enough to keep you interested.


Netflix offers us a very entertaining series with many nods to the generation that grew up during the expansion of the Internet, although its nostalgic factor is lost in a common romantic comedy plot.

The best

The “90s” stories with the experiences that many of us had in those early years.

Generation 56K Review 2021 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online