November 29, 2023

Carrom Games Online: A Quick Guide to Know All About the Game

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Do you like playing carrom with your mates and miss those cheerful moments while being socially distant from each other? Not any more! The carrom games online give you a chance to relive those memories with your mates. The online version of carrom is quite similar to a social board game that brings together players from across the world over a common platform. The game features 4 pocketed square-shaped boards with a set of white and black coins, queen the pink one enjoys being the one with the highest score. If you wish to have the best carrom experience then continue reading. 

How to Play Carrom Games Online

You can download the Winzo App to play carrom games on an online mode. The following are the steps to play the game:

  • After downloading the app complete the registration process, click on the carrom icon available on the home screen, and proceed further. 
  • You will be diverted to a page where you can choose a level between beginner, intermediate, and expert. Select the level and proceed.
  • Make strategical moves to collect maximum coins in your pot. The queen token always comes with a subsequent coin either white or black only. The player with maximum points wins the game.  

Carrom Rules

The following are the important carrom rules:

  • If you commit a foul then you lose your turn. 
  • Secure another token subsequent to the queen, otherwise, you will lose it. 
  • Keep the striker within the baseline or on the circle over the ends. 

Quick Tricks for Carrom Games Online

1. Make sure that your hand is steady on the board while hitting the sticker. 

2. Catch hold of some common shooting styles. 

3. While playing the game, always try pocketing easy choices first. 

4. Try to grab as many tokens as possible and don’t waste much of your chances on a single one. 

5. Don’t focus on the queen first. Try to earn more points with other tokens too.

Interesting Facts about Carrom Games

The following are the facts about carrom:

  • Today’s carrom game is being played for over 200 years. 
  • Many believe that the game originated in India, however, some claims also link it to Portugal and Burma. 
  • The word carrom originated in Timor in southeast Asia and traveled with the Portuguese who used it to describe the Malabar coast of India.
  • It is amongst the most played games in India and during the 90s, it was a household commodity. 

Top 5 Carrom Games to Play with your Friends

1. Winzo Carrom

The Winzo Carrom is an online game that gives you a chance to play carrom with your friends and other ace players on your mobile phone or laptop. During the past years, the Winzo Carrom has emerged to be a trusted platform for carrom lovers. You don’t need to pay anything to play the game, and the platform gives you a chance to participate in world-class championships of carrom and win real cash rewards. You can also choose between playing online or offline, depending upon your preferences. 

2. Carrom Friends 

Carrom friends is another famous platform where you can indulge in playing this pool disk game. This real-time online game can be played with friends just like and gives the vibe similar to the authentic carrom board game. The game features four exiting modes and can be played anytime and anywhere, you just need to have your smart phone and internet connectivity. 

3. Carrom King

Another popular choice to play this game online is Carrom King. The platform is ideal to spend fun-filled hours with family and friends. The game gives you a common medium where you can play this exciting pool disk kind-of game even with kids. You don’t need to wait for a specific time, rather you can connect the internet and start playing the game with available challengers. 

4. Carrom Pool

Another interesting online game is Carrom Pool that features flexible gaming encounters on smart phones, tabs, PC, and laptops. The platform give you exclusive animations and the fun is truly alike playing in an authentic manner, that is, over a board with your kins. This easy-to-play game is popular amongst Carrom fans and one can also unlock or switch the appearance while playing the game. 

5. Carrom Multiplayer

Like other carrom games available on the internet, Carrom Multiplayer is also a platform where you can play enthralling pool disk game, however, the game features exquisite 3D graphics. There is no age restriction to undertake this game and you can even play 2-player games here. The game gives you an option to choose between different modes, and you can also practice here. The size of the game quite compact and is easy-to-learn.

If you too are a Carrom lover then download any of the mentioned popular carrom games online and have an unforgettable gaming experience!

Carrom Games Online: A Quick Guide to Know All About the Game