Best 4 Options For Course after the 12th In Commerce Field 2022
April 1, 2023

Best 4 Options For Course after the 12th In Commerce Field 2022

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Are you wondering about what could be the ideal career option after you’ve completed your 12th year of commerce with no maths? If you’re interested in studying trade subjects without maths, then you’re in the right spot because within this post, we’ll discuss the most lucrative career choices in commerce that don’t require maths. We’ve discussed the courses in detail. Let’s begin:Classes after 12th Commerce, but without Maths There’s no need to be worried about not having opportunities after you’ve completed your 12th without maths. Even if you don’t like Maths there are many opportunities for career advancement.

1. B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

The most sought-after career choices in commerce that does not require maths is the bachelor of Commerce. A B.Com degree lasts 3 years, and covers fundamentals of accounting, finance business, as well as other topics related to commerce. The course provides a broad overview of the various fields of commerce and introduces you to the subject. B.Com is a fantastic option for students who wish to pursue topics in commerce that do not require math. It is not necessary to study math as one of your subjects at the 12th grade to earn this degree. In fact, you just need to be a pass 12th student to qualify for this program. In the B.Com course, you will learn about corporate tax, company law accounting, bookkeeping, financial accounting and business management, as well as auditions, and more. It’s a great option for those who wish to pursue a finance accounting, insurance, and business-related careers.

2. B.Com (H) (Bachelor of Commerce Honors)

If you’re seeking a job and are interested in learning about subjects related to commerce, but not Maths You can earn the B.Com (Honors) diploma upon having passed the 12th exam. This is a great alternative for those who didn’t select mathematics as a major in their chosen field of study in commerce. Additionally it isn’t necessary to know everything about math to take this course. The most appealing aspect of B.Com (Honors) is it lets you focus on a specific area that you choose. A lot of students confuse B.Com or B.Com (Honors). Both degrees focus on the fundamentals of commerce as well as its related fields however there is a huge distinction between the two. A B.Com course will give you an overview of topics related to commerce, whereas the B.Com (Honors) degree allows you to specialize in the specific area of commerce. This is the reason why requirement in B.Com (Honors) has been much higher in the business. If you’re interested in specializing in a specific area, B.Com (Honors) will make you a successful career path after 12th commerce, without mathematics.

A few of the most popular subjects that you can choose to focus on in your B.Com (Honors) program include:

  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Information Science
  • Management
  • Accounts
  • Taxation
  • Investment Management
  • Law (and Insurance) (and Insurance)
  • Human Resources

3. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

If you’re interested in working in the business world and would like to be a leader in firms, then an Associate of Business Administration degree would be the perfect choice for you. A BBA degree will teach you the fundamentals of business management, management as well as related subjects.

It can help you create an excellent foundation for learning and comprehend the complex theories of management and organization. If you’re thinking of pursuing your MBA (Master of Business Administration) in the near future having the BBA is a good idea as it can allow you to be familiar with a lot of the concepts that an MBA course will cover.

BBA provides you with the possibility to focus on a variety of subjects that include the following:

  • BBA in Finance
  • BBA is in Human Resources
  • BBA with a specialization in Computer Application
  • BBA in Hospitality
  • BBA within Information Systems
  • BBA with a specialization in International Business
  • BBA is Business Administration
  • BBA in Entrepreneurship
  • BBA in Retail
  • BBA in Accounting
  • BBA in Tourism
  • BBA for Sports Management

Different universities offer different degrees. Keep this in mind when you decide for a degree. It is a popular option for those who want to study commerce-related subjects with no math. In addition to completing a traditional MBA or a BBA, you could also take an PG program in a special field of your choice following the completion of this degree. When you are an BBA graduated, you are able to pursue a degree of Product Management to explore a management career within the tech industry.

4. LLB (Bachelor in Law /Lum Baccalaureus)

Another option for students who are in 12th grade is a Bachelor in Law. Although the standard LLB course is not a postgraduate program but you can also earn one of these degrees by taking one of the integrated courses. A course that is integrated like BA+LLB lets you earn an LLB degree once you have completed your 12th grade. The law-related course that is integrated is five years long, however you aren’t required to complete a law school separately from it. The most popular integrated courses to study law include:

  • BA + LLB
  • BBA + LLB
  • BSc + LLB
  • BCom + LLB

An LLB degree helps you understand the different laws that exist in the country and provides an overview of the similar. Learn about Indian laws, legal practice and the associated concepts. The subjects include legal rights for human beings, the law of contracts taxes, tort law trusts and equity, IPR.

Best 4 Options For Course after the 12th In Commerce Field 2022