Top Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2022
January 27, 2023

Top Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

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When you are planning on starting an online business researching a little bit about the current statistics of the online market helps. It will help you figure out what is trending and what is not working, and how to improve what is already there.

So, to help you out here, we are going to show some of the statistics that have been cached over the past few years. You can analyze all the statistics to figure out what’s best for you to start with. The statistics will include details about online electronic shopping, general online shopping, ecommerce stores statistics, and more. So keep reading.

Top Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know- 

Here are some statistics that will assist you in finding the best future interest.

Online Electronic Shopping-

You might confuse electronic shopping with something that does not create a big flux. But that’s not true. Almost 67% of the people have addressed that they always do window shopping. Not only that, out of all the window shoppers, almost 77% make a significant purchase. 

Online window shopping is easy as people are just one google search away from finding what they need. And also they can do it anytime they want. Having no limits makes online electronic shopping an upcoming trend that will come to stay.

General Online Shopping-

Online shopping is growing faster than any other market. It is estimated that by 2020 general online shopping will have hit 4 billion users and is still growing rapidly. Alone in Canada, in 2020, 28% of millennials made a purchase, and they were between the ages of 53 to 74. It becomes valuable because often believed that only generation Z is used to online shopping, but Canadian Millennials have proved them wrong. 

Also, as per the data, 67% of Americans make a purchase every month. General online shopping has been popular with 72% of women, whereas only 62% of males have participated in general online shopping.

Ecommerce Stores Statistics-

The next upcoming market in online shopping is e-commerce stores. By 2020, small retailers will have seen 37% more significant conversions than large retailers. So, if you are thinking of starting with an ecommerce store, it is a great place to start. Because by 2019, e-commerce stores had an estimated 1.02 billion active buyers. 

The success of an ecommerce store relies on the user experience, so e-commerce stores also spend a great deal of money to design and provide better user experiences. So, even a minor fluctuation in a normal return policy can discourage over 80% of the buyers.

Deserted Shopping Cart Statics-

Analyzing the data of deserted carts can help you to know more about how users respond to a particular situation, such as an unexpected price raise. Over 56% of cart abundance occurs after the user faces an unexpected price rise in their cart items. 

So, when you want to start with an online business, it is better to be honest, and be upfront with your products’ costs. But, if you continue to play with the costs, you might lose a huge sum of your money per year. According to an estimation, the businesses that don’t follow honesty lose upto 80% of their annual income. 

Holiday Shopping Statistics ( Black Friday & Cyber Monday)-

The majority of the shopping happens online rather than offline. So, shopping websites should prepare for the sales when shoppers prepare for shopping. In 2018, overall, 174 million Americans shopped online on these holidays. The average they have spent is 335$ per person. 

But note that these holidays can also be a recipe for disaster if you haven’t prepared them well. Overall, 50% of people shop online, and almost 63% shop from mobile devices these days. 

So, every online shopping business owner should make their website available for both mobile and desktop devices. 

Gen Z Online Shopping Statistics- 

Gen Z holds great power in online shopping compared to millennials. So, all marketers need to understand the unique habits of this generation. It will help you to increase your sales to the next level.

The GenZ have 44$ billion-dollar buying powers, and according to the surveys, their parents say that they hold 93% influence over the overall household expenses. 

In GenZ, an estimated 95% of people have their smartphones. They spend almost 10 hours per day on mobile, which most of the time they spend on Instagram and other social media websites. That is why most brands prefer Instagram to promote their brands.

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Top Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Know in 2022