December 9, 2023

Opal Vs. Moonstone – What Kind Of Stone Should You Pick For Your Ring

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But apart from mere physical appearance, there is so much more that these crystals have to leave you astonished. So, today we bring you a comparative analysis between moonstone and Opal Gemstone that will help you pick the best option for your next ring collection. But, first, let’s unfold the interesting facts associated with these stunning crystals. 

The Stronger, The Better

When it comes to rings, the durability of the crystals matters. It is essential, especially in rings, because of their exposure to harsh external surroundings; they can easily get affected and lose their shine with time. For this, when you come across the choice of a Moonstone Ring or Opal, you can access their hardness level for a perfect decision. 

Genuine Moonstone has a 6 – 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it ideal for getting included in our everyday jewelry. On the other hand, Opal Ring holds a rating near 5.5 – 6.5, making the crystal a little delicate. Although both the crystals are susceptible to scratches and breakage, Opals are a tad bit more delicate. 

Thus, you can choose one that suits you the best according to your daily lifestyle. If it doesn’t include much physical hassle, don’t hesitate to include opal as well. Yet, do not forget that both of your gems will require regular care irrespective of their toughness. 

  1. Unique Qualities 

While counting the USPs of our shining beauties, we cannot miss the uniqueness and value they add to our jewelry boxes. 

In the case of Real Opals Crystals, they are unique, which means no two stones will look similar. They can be as different as our fingerprints or snowflakes. The same is the case with the Real Moonstone Crystals. So in terms of uniqueness, both the choices are a win-win situation.

Physical Beauty 

Opal Jewelry is famous for its stunning play of colors that adds a diversified look to the gem. This generally happens because of millions of tiny amorphous silica spheres present inside the stone’s surface. It reflects an array of the mesmerizing rainbow full of colors that mesmerizes anyone’s heart with its physical beauty.

Coming along, the Moonstone Silver Jewelry is blessed with a brilliant optical factor known as Adularescence. The gem’s beauty is often compared to the moon because of the dim glow it naturally assesses. One can feel the resemblance of a moon lying still under the calm ocean with a single gaze. This property of the Moonstone has given birth to tons of beliefs and legends stating about the enormous powers it holds.

Trending fashion

Natural Moonstone Rings are currently not as renowned as the Opal, yet people love to add them for their distinctive look. Therefore, it is steadily gaining the popularity it deserves with time. However, both stones are perfect for those who seek subtle elegance in their collection. When pairing up gems with apparel to set new benchmarks in trending jewelry fashion, they can work like magic for you. One can carry both stones perfectly with every outfit. 

So, if you wish to indulge in something new, Moonstone Ring would not disappoint you. Yet, if you want an easily recognizable jewel, you can go for an Opal Ring

  1. Conclusion 

The stones are equivalent to gorgeous, ready to make you prepared with a jaw-dropping look. If you focus on the properties mentioned above and accordingly decide, keeping in mind your personal taste and preferences, you will come up with a perfect choice. Once you are done with your analysis, you will get the answer for your next selection in the ring. 

Opal Vs. Moonstone – What Kind Of Stone Should You Pick For Your Ring