December 9, 2023

Old Dads 2023 Movie Review

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Old Dads 2023 Movie Review

    I loved it. I haven’t laughed like that in ages. Some of Jack’s retorts are painful-cringe-funny. Especially when he insults Rachael Harris’ character (Dr. Lois Schmieckel-Turner). At one point, I was screaming at my screen “just elbow her in the face”. Speaking on behalf of all sensible women: we would have forgiven you.

    You know Burr is quoting from life with a lot of these interactions, and he’s right to highlight the absurdity of some behaviours, but I absolutely loved that he also showed the progress we’ve made as a society.

    When the men are having their toxic conversations in the car and Travis (Justin Miles) breezily and confidently calls the friends out for it, I was very happy because media is a great way to normalise these types of conversations between men. I also liked that Jack pointed out it was a private conversation and people are entitled to privacy.

    There was never a lull, I didn’t feel the need to check my phone, and the pace was sharp. I actually forgot I was watching Bill Burr after only a few scenes. He’s a genuinely good actor and fit in very well with the rest of the cast. They all had great chemistry as friends – Mike and Connor (Bokeem Woodbine and Bobby Cannavale) were the perfect combination with Jack (Burr). Mike in particular did some fine acting as a man having a bit of a mental breakdown, and Bobby has perfect comedic timing, as always. Absolute natural.

    Justin Miles as Travis gets two of some of the most memorable laugh out loud scenes: one with Mike (Woodbine) in the car. Genuinely think I startled my neighbours with my cackling at that scene.

    Other mentions are the actresses portraying Leah, Britney and Cara (Katie Aselton, Reign Edwards, Jackie Tohn). It makes all the difference when your actors can.. erm.. act(!) I really felt Leah’s frustration and empathised with her even through just a handful of scenes. Britney had even less screen time (and her BeyoncĂ© level of beauty was frankly, distracting..!) but she was effortless and likeable. Cara was hilarious!! Somehow, she was written to be infuriating and endearing simultaneously. She has a habit at the beginning that had me rooting for someone to punch her in the face!

    I liked the ending. It didn’t feel forced and because I follow Burr, and have watched films before, I knew what to expect. What makes this film great isn’t the originality. Is that a thing anymore, anyway? It’s the writing, the acting, the fact that you’re invested, and the realistic outcomes. I particularly loved the very final scene(s). They summed up the film really well. I took away from this that we can all meet somewhere in the middle.

    Old Dads 2023 Movie Review