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March 17, 2023

My Octopus Teacher Review 2020 Movie Trailer Poster Online

My Octopus Teacher
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My Octopus Teacher Review 2020 Movie Trailer Poster Online

Directors: Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed

Writers: Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed

Star: Craig Foster

My Octopus Teacher story follows the diary of Craig Foster who is a diver and filmmaker for wildlife. We can not say it is a nature documentary. In his diary, it is shown that Craig Foster spent almost a year by observing an octopus in the Kelp forest. He might fall in love with that octopus by interacting with it and its activities, both become good friends as they spend more time.

Craig was always anxious and sleepless and we can assume it as a dark period and span of his life. He lost his passion and it also affecting badly to his family and work. He gained knowledge of the areas and landscapes in Southern Africa. He collected information about how do they intimate. He understands his natural surroundings in depth.

When he was exploring the deep blue ocean, one day he found a strange shape in the surface of ocean, it was an octopus that is all covered with rocks and shells. After that he return to find the den of that female octopus and visits it on daily basis. Now Octopus realises that craig was not a threat. He really enjoys the moment of touch as long as he can stay in water and then move upwards to the surface of water for inhaling the air.

He dives every day to the octopus den and enjoys to see that creature and its actions. He also captures its all habits in a film like avoiding predators more likely the pyjama shark, feeding and playing with schools of fishes. Craig is moving forward to achieving his dreams and this octopus is helping him to fulfill his dreams and understand nature.

But as the aforementioned quote about octopus dreams illustrates, Craig is human. When the octopus huddles in its den, recovering from a dangerous incident, he violates his oath and feeds it an oyster. And this is where Craig’s experience illustrates a collision between the clinical and emotional minds, where the film becomes an exceptional blend of science, philosophy and intuition. He’s in the midst of something profound — by better understanding the intricate synergy of the natural world, he’s learning more about his place in it, improving himself as a person and pulling himself out of his depression.

By framing itself as Craig’s deeply personal journey, My Octopus Teacher pushes any overt thematic statements into the subtext, and is all the better for it. At the same time it asserts our need to respect the planet’s delicate ecology, it’s also a meditation on mortality. Let it be known that octopuses have a lifespan of about a year, and the film documents Craig’s underwater trips: Day 134. Day 250. Day 324. There’s a moment during his narration when he gets choked up. Will this strange, exotic creature, which envelops lobsters, waves its tentacles at passing fish and hugs Craig’s hand intently, make us cry? Goddammit, it does.

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My Octopus Teacher Review 2020 Movie Trailer Poster Online