How to move alone by renting a van?
January 27, 2023

How to move alone by renting a van?

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Moving alone by opting for the rental of a van remains the most popular solution for Pakistan in Rudn Enclave . Find out how to optimize the effectiveness and above all the efficiency of this choice, by following a few simple tips that are easy to implement.

Moving alone, a decision with serious consequences to  mature well

Recent studies by the IFOP underline that while 1/3 of French people plan to entrust their next move to a specialized company, only 20% actually take the plunge . In other words, 4 out of 5 moves are organized without using a company . You must therefore take care of everything, from the administrative procedures essential to this change of life to the handling and transport of your furniture and objects.

Utility rental is therefore very often an essential step, if you do not have a van or a truck, which your entourage could make available. This is one of the first steps, which you must not delay in carrying out to ensure the availability of the van or truck you need.

Succeed in finding the most suitable moving truck at the best price in 3 steps

1.     Define the type of commercial vehicle to rent

Renting a moving truck starts with clearly defining the type of utility vehicle you need. You can use a volume calculator from our utility rental partner to find out in a few clicks which van to choose. To help you in your choice, find below the main characteristics of the utilities available for rental.

Utility rentals, vehicles according to their volume:  How many boxes can be loaded in this vehicle?  What type of accommodation can you move with this utility rental?  
6 m 3 utility40For transporting bulky items or furniture
8 m 3 utility60For a studio or a student room between 12 and 18 m 2 approximately
11 m 3 utility80For an F1 or F1 bis up to approximately 25 m2
15 m 3 utility100F2 up to 30 – 35 m 2 approx .
20 m 3 utility120For apartments up to approx . 40 – 45 m2

2.     Decide on duration, mileage and options

Once the vehicle has been chosen, you must first determine the mileage required . Sufficient room for maneuver must then be provided, because any kilometer traveled beyond the chosen mileage is charged at a high price. Depending on this mileage, you can then decide for the duration of the utility rental . From a few hours to several days, anything is possible. Finally, you will have to make a decision about the options offered by all commercial vehicle rental companies. We cannot list them all, but here are the main ones:

  • The “moving assistance” options : this may involve choosing a 20 m 3 vehicle with a tailgate, for example for transporting very heavy or very bulky objects, or the choice of having a GPS for you to make it easier to travel.
  • Options for renting a utility vehicle with complete peace of mind : You can then opt for the appointment of a second driver , or choose the Excess redemption option (subject to the payment of a premium, the amount of the excess is then reduced to the strict minimum).
  • Utility rental with oneway option: This option allows you to return your van to the agency closest to your new home. It therefore allows you to dispense with a return journey, reducing the amount of the invoice to be paid (fewer kilometers and a reduced rental period).

3.     Compare to rent a van under the best conditions

You must then compare the offers that meet your criteria and choose the one providing you with the best service / price or quality / price ratio. You will therefore have to compare the offers from companies specializing in vehicle rental but also those issued by large retailers. You can also prefer utility rental between individuals. All these offers must be analyzed precisely, in order to make sure you choose the most attractive one. It is a time-consuming task, even though the preparations for the move already occupy all your time. However, you can save time (by comparing all available offers) and gain efficiency (be sure to find the cheapest utility rental offer) by using a utility rental comparator.

Rent a van with complete peace of mind to move like a professional

When the day comes, you will take possession of this utility rental , so finally make sure everything is well organized. Your friends or relatives, whom you have recruited for the occasion, must be present at the appointed time, so as not to waste time. On your side, always take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with this truck, which you will have to drive. It is in no way a waste of time, since by getting used to its dimensions and its maneuverability, you will avoid many incidents during the various journeys.

Finally, equip yourself to be able to move in the best conditions . Blankets to protect the most fragile furniture, straps to secure your belongings and a first aid kit to deal with all the “bobos” of the move.

How to move alone by renting a van?