Troll 2022 Movie Review
February 4, 2023

Troll 2022 Movie Review

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Troll 2022 Movie Review

There isn’t much going on with this movie unfortunately and I was grossly underwhelmed after seeing it. I was hoping to see something more like Andre Ovredal’s 2010 film Troll Hunter, but was sadly disappointed with a film a shadow of that prior production.

It starts off with an engaging introduction into folklore and mystery underpinned with an intriguing father daughter connection with a lot of promise. However, all this is quickly discarded and what follows closely is an American style military intervention into mysterious occurrences with obvious indicators of ‘Monsterism’.

At this stage the movie very much becomes a parody of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla… except without much of the logic in assessing the nature this unexpected monstrous anomaly. In atypical Hollywood fashion the film has all the characters playing like morons to the obvious in a thinly veiled plot to have our protagonist staged with an obstacle of human bureaucracy and obstinance to overcome, but it falls flat largely because it’s done so obtusely. Our main protagonist is the epitome of idiocy and contradiction rolled into one, but there is a lot of other stupid stuff happening that makes me wonder if the person who wrote the screenplay was sober at the time of writing.

The film progresses in a very formulaic manner that has become so tiresome with big screen productions you could almost cut and paste it from a multitude of films that have come before it… including said 1998 Godzilla, which has to be said, did it much better. There’s a high-level group of individuals ineptly determining the course of action, the military try to engage it with various forms of escalating weaponry, they never really engage with the notions of our self-doubting protagonists etc etc.

It’s really a Norwegian version of a Hollywood paint by numbers monster movie that never delivers. All the mystique of the Troll folklore is buried under an attempt to follow a formula consistent with American blockbusters and aside from the spectacular scenery and the exceptional visual effects produced on location, this doesn’t really have much to offer.

Ultimately the screenplay grossly lets down what is being attempted here. I don’t condemn anyone for trying to make a big screen production but doing so by mimicking the specifically tailored framework that Hollywood utilises is a big failing with a move of this nature, and I can’t shake the feeling that what is being sought here is outside the scope of those involved in the production.

On the plus side the visual effects are good, the locations are superb, and it’s mildly entertaining, but twenty minutes in, the path to where it’s going is clear and you might just find yourself nodding off having seen it all before.

Troll 2022 Movie Review