The Devil Conspiracy 2023 Movie Review
January 27, 2023

The Devil Conspiracy 2023 Movie Review

The Devil Conspiracy
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The Devil Conspiracy 2023 Movie Review

The Czech Republic has a longstanding reputation for producing controversial religious films such as The Priest and Corpus Christi, but each year it digs further into the genre with fantastic new additions. While there have been several wonderful films from the Czech film industry over the years, some of which have been highly acclaimed globally and have won multiple prestigious awards, none of them have made much of an impact in 2022. While fans were wondering if the country would release another intriguing film, it has introduced the perfect one to kick off the year.

The Devil Conspiracy, a Czech fantasy horror film, boasts a horrifyingly absurd plot featuring a cult attempting to resurrect evil by stealing the Shroud of Turin for malevolent reasons. Samuel Goldwyn Films bought the rights to this sci-fi horror film in 2021 in the hopes of making something unique that would captivate enthusiasts of films depicting the might of the ancient devil. While you wait for the film to be released in theaters, here’s everything you need to know about The Devil Conspiracy in the meanwhile.

As seen in the trailer, the core premise of The Devil Conspiracy centers on the conflict between Archangel Michael and Lucifer. In the aftermath of their showdown, Michael seals the demon Lucifer in hell for all eternity; nevertheless, a cult of cabals is hell-bent on bringing the devil back to Earth. On the other hand, a biotech corporation creates a technology that can clone history’s greatest minds and personalities with only a trace of their DNA.

When the cult discovers that Father Marconi and his historian colleague Laura are in possession of the sacred Shroud of Turin, which contains the DNA of the devil Lucifer, they attempt to steal it. As they carry out their plan by murdering Marconi and kidnapping Laura, the former summons Archangel Michael and offers his body to confront the evil that will soon devastate the world.

The cult of cabals aims to clone Jesus as the perfect sacrifice to Lucifer by using Laura as the vessel to give the devil ultimate power, while Michael, in the mortal Marconi’s body, sets out on a quest to eradicate the cult and reclaim the Shroud of Turin. Is it too late to avert the impending global catastrophe, or can Michael still save the day?

The highly anticipated Czech film features an exciting cast of well-known stars. Father Marconi, played by Joe Doyle, will lend his body to the Archangel Michael, while Laura, played by Alice Orr-Ewing, will be Marconi’s colleague and a victim of the cult. Doyle is a seasoned actor who has starred in several films and television shows, including A Call to Spy, Killing Jesus, Salem, Reign, and Raw.

Meanwhile, Orr-Ewing is a British-born actress who has appeared in films such as The Theory of Everything, Atonement, The Courier, and Mr. Turner. In contrast, Peter Mensah and Joe Anderson will portray Michael the Archangel and Lucifer, respectively. While Mensah, the multi-talented actor, has acted in memorable films like Avatar, Spartacus, 300, and Jason X, fans will recognize Anderson from The Grey, The Ruins, Across the Universe, and The Crazies.

While these four actors appear to have the most screen time, here’s a look at the supporting cast: Eveline Hall as Liz, Brian Caspe as Dr. Laurent, James Faulkner as Cardinal Vincini, Victoria Chilap as Brenda, Wendy Rosas as Sophia, Natalia Germani as Alina, and Jim High as Mammon.

The film is directed by Nathan Frankowski, an award-winning Canadian filmmaker who began his career with documentaries. He is most known for his work on Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Te Ata, for which he won the best director award. Additionally, Montford: The Chickasaw Rider, No Saints for Sinners, and To Write Love on Her Arms are among his renowned works.

In contrast, the film’s scriptwriter, Ed Alan, is making his big-screen debut. Anne-Kathrin Dern, CEO of e-Quality Music Productions LLC and a veteran of such projects as The Claus Family trilogy, Her Pen Pal, and the short film Lotte World Shenyang: Cosmic World is composing the film’s music. Alan, the scriptwriter, also produced the film, which was executive produced by Kevan Van Thompson, Michael Emerson, Mike Sears, and Vaclav Mottl. As president of Samuel Goldwyn Films, Peter Goldwyn negotiated the distribution agreement and expressed his thoughts on The Devil Conspiracy

“We are excited to bring The Devil Conspiracy to filmgoers next year. We think audiences will love this thrilling and epic depiction of the battle between heaven and hell.”

The Devil Conspiracy 2023 Movie Review