Stuck with You 2022 Movie Review
January 27, 2023

Stuck with You 2022 Movie Review

Stuck with You
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Stuck with You 2022 Movie Review

stuck with you alias happy New Year is a French romantic comedy film on Netflix directed by Frank Bellocq. It stars Kev Adams as Gael and Camille Lellouche as Hannah. Written by Frank and Jean-Luc Cano, cinematography is by Charlie Lenormand. The running time of the film is only 59 minutes. The French film has English subtitles.

On their way to a party, two strangers get stuck in an elevator on New Year’s Eve and find themselves connecting in unexpected ways.

stuck with you on Netflix begins with Gael, dressed in a dinosaur costume, on a call with his girlfriend. He is looking forward to celebrating the New Years party with her. Hannah, also on her way to a party, gets into the same building elevator as Gael. However, the elevator gets stuck, and due to the New York celebrations, they don’t get help easily. Gael and Hannah have no choice but to bond with each other to distract themselves from being trapped inside a large box.

Actually, if someone gets stuck in an elevator, it will cause panic. One could start to go crazy from the first minute. In Frank Bellocq’s Netflix movie, Hannah freaks out a bit, while Gael is super chill. He looks like he’d rather stay stuck than go out to the party.

In the first 15 minutes, we get a sense of Gael and Hannah’s personalities. Gael is cool as a cucumber, while Hannah is short-tempered and physically aggressive. She kicks Gael twice between the legs out of frustration (or fear?). Slowly, the strangers begin to open up to each other and talk about their childhood, work, and romantic relationships.

Sometimes the elevator seemed like a small room because of how spacious it appeared on the screen. But if the movie is shot in an actual elevator or a little montage, then Charlie Lenormand has done a great job. Most of the film takes place within the four walls, and we are aware of this. Not once did we feel claustrophobic, though, nor did the scenes seem cluttered.

Ken Adams and Camille Lellouche have done an amazing job as Gael and Hannah. Their camaraderie, chemistry, and performances make Happy Nous Year a fun watch. The duo shines in emotional moments but also has some silly and bizarre slapstick scenes that make you laugh.

General, stuck with you is a sweet, silly, slapstick watch on Netflix. The simple and fun storytelling and good performances keep you entertained. The duration of the film plays in favor; otherwise, seeing 2 strangers in an elevator for 2 hours and coming out alive and happy would have been absurd.

Stuck with You 2022 Movie Review