Shaq Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online
November 27, 2022

Shaq Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

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Shaq Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Four episodes arranged chronologically chronicle Shaquille O’Neal’s entire journey through the NBA, from his first practice with his stepfather, through victories over the Lakers and Miami Heat, to the end of his career, personal problems and regaining his love for the sport.

Few people in the NBA have as interesting a history as Shaq. In addition to his sports career, he tried his hand at quite a few other industries. He was a rapper for a while, still seems to be a DJ, starred in a few movies – he was one of the first black superheroes on the big screen, though he and most viewers would rather forget that fact – and even had his own play on Super Nintendo and several other systems. It didn’t become a classic, but that didn’t stop Shaq from spitting out a sequel in 2018. And it’s also one of the outstanding, or at least good titles! But you have to admit to the guy that he was able to forge his name into a brand and is still making money on it today. Nowadays, basketball players having their own clothing brands, music CDs, breakfast cereals or appearing in movies is nothing unusual, but it was Shaq (and Jordan) who made it so.

Robert Alexander’s documentary isn’t anything too special. Shaq, his family and friends sit alternately in an elegant chair and tell the story of the great – literally and figuratively – basketball player from their perspective. So as not to be too boring, they are interspersed with video materials corresponding to the narrative, old photos – some of them were probably made available to fans for the first time – and even simple, funny animations. My favorite was the one that depicted Shaq’s story in the form of a game relatively similar to “Shaq-Fu”. Such a mix makes the four episodes, lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, quite good to watch, although, let’s face it, this is definitely an offer only for basketball fans.

This fact can be a delicate problem. If someone is really into the NBA (Konrad, Michał and Jacek – greetings), they probably know this story and I mean both O’Neal’s private life and all the most important matches in his career. Watching their fragments with additional narration can be an interesting experience, but it can also be an experience similar to reading the same book for the fourth time – nice and pleasantly familiar, but in these times of chronic lack of time and gigantic amounts of media and content for immediate consumption, may turn out to be a bit of a waste of time. So, really, I’d say that this is a production aimed primarily at rather Sunday fans – people familiar with the subject, but not obsessively watching how many points per game each player scores and who is the best dunker of the season. They will get the most out of Shaq by far.

As much as I enjoyed Shaq’s sense of humor and his final lesson that being nice to people doesn’t cost anything, so there’s really no reason to justify boasting or hurting others – a truth O’Neal learned the hard way way, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about – so I didn’t quite like the style in which both he and his relatives talk about his game. One could conclude that the guy was almost the god of the dance floor, an unmistakable monument to perfection, and everyone who came in contact with him should be glad that they were given this honor. Don’t get me wrong – I fully understand and respect the fact that Shaq is one of the greatest basketball players in history, but logic dictates that no one is perfect, so it would be good to show him in a documentary series dedicated to him as a more three-dimensional, real character, imperfect , but constantly moving towards this perfection. Meanwhile, everyone in turn talks about him only in superlatives, and he sees problems with himself only in the private sphere, because as a player he was a walking perfection.

It’s nice that the creators were not afraid to talk about those more uncomfortable or even painful elements of his life, humanizing him in the process. We will hear about how close he was with his adoptive father and how much his death affected him. We will find out how helpless he felt having huge amounts of money on his account and still not being able to help his sister suffering from cancer. Alexander devotes a lot of time to his relationship with Kobe Bryant, going through virtually all stages of their acquaintance and ending with melancholy sadness and a sense of senseless pettiness accompanying him after the sudden death of his former friend. It was the last episode in particular that impressed me the most, because it shows Shaq in the most pure way as a human being – a person with feelings, who can be hurt, who also has problems.

It’s not for nothing that the first episode is called “From Shaquille to Shaq” and the last “From Shaq to Shaquille”. Over the course of four hours, we watch a New Jersey kid become a legend, then take the spotlight to reveal the man behind it. “Shaq” is a very well-tailored documentary, and although it does not ultimately reinvent the wheel, basketball fans should definitely be interested in it.

Shaq Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online