Run for the Money Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online
November 28, 2022

Run for the Money Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Run for the Money
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Run for the Money Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online

Twenty-nine celebrities, ranging from athletes to influencers to boy band members to YouTubers and reality stars, are set loose in the massive park, which has winding streets like in the Dutch cities that have been used as its model. The goal is simple: Don’t let the hunters catch you, and if you make it to the end of the 200-minute chase, you win the ever growing pot.

In the first part of the chase, the twenty hunters roam the park while the celebrity contestants hide and try to avoid them, all the while being scared like they’re actually being hunted. After three people are caught, an “elimination button” is added; if anyone can find and push that button without being caught, the number of hunters is reduced from 20 to 5.

Even with 5 hunters around, though, there’s still a good chance the contestants can get caught if they’re not careful. An “all-powerful” overseer activates a mission: Four sets of “androids” roam the park, each holding an English letter. The goal is to get close enough to the androids to read the letters and put together a word describing emotions the contestants might feel during the chase. The more words that are guessed, the higher the money added per second goes, from minute 160 down to the end. If successful, the pot balloons to ¥5.04 million (about $36,000). Will some of the contestants, wishing to increase the pot, expose themselves to the hunters?

At first we were a little confused about the format of Run For The Money, which has apparently been running for years in Japan. We weren’t sure if this was going to be one chase played out over the season’s four episodes or four different chases. It turns out to be the former, with things playing out more or less in real time.

There’s a ton of repetition, but nothing out of character for reality game shows coming from that part of the world. At some point, the producers do show all 29 celebrity contestants, though the number that are really followed are soon narrowed down, to the people who decide to move around and take the missions rather than just sitting and hiding.

The park itself is quite surreal; the chase starts in the middle of the night, but everything in the cityscape is brightly lit, like it’s the theme park it is rather than a real set of city streets. We’d imagine that has to help the hunters, who are walking around wearing shades and some cylindrical “device” that is supposed to help them see but is really just a prop.

Despite their celebrity, all of the contestants have real plans for the relatively small pot; most say they’re going to buy a car. It won’t set anyone up for life, and we wonder if it’s worth running around for three-and-a-half hours, half scared to death, for the level of money being given away.

But in each of the four episodes, new challenges will be thrown at the contestants, like “traitors” getting paid to point people out to the hunters, and then more hunters thrown in to put the pressure on as the number of people dwindle. That should make things interesting.

Run for the Money Review 2022 Tv Show Series Cast Crew Online