Rainbow 2022 Movie Review
September 27, 2022

Rainbow 2022 Movie Review

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Rainbow 2022 Movie Review

After passing through the San Sebastian Festival , Rainbow , the new film by Paco León , will be released in theaters on September 23. Later, on September 30, it will arrive on the Netflix platform. A risky bet. Since it carries out a very free and transgressive version of the musical film The Wizard of Oz of 1939. A time jump that adapts the story to a more subversive present.

The popular Spanish actor debuted as a director with the film starring his mother Carmina o Revienta (2012). After his success, he premiered the second part in 2014 Carmina y amen . Later, in 2016, he returns to write and direct something totally different: Kiki, love is made . A film about diversity in sexual relationships, from some controversial perspectives.

This year, Paco León returns to his role behind the cameras and presents Rainbow . Film that had its preview at the San Sebastian Festival 2022. A very personal and transgressive version of the acclaimed cult film The Wizard of Oz (Victor Fleming, 1939). With an aesthetic very much in line with directors like Eduardo Casanova and his pastel tones . Or Pedro Almodóvar and his chromatism of the range of reds. In this case, with multiple very marked and strident colors. Emphasizing green, red and yellow . Essential colors to refer to The Wizard of Oz.

A very risky bet, which offers an attractive result, although superficial in the subtext. Dorothy’s yellow brick road diversifies into an explosion of colors. Although these are exposed too entropically.

The actress and singer Dora Postigo plays the protagonist Dorothy. Fitting perfectly into her role, and carrying it out outstandingly. The young actress debuts with Paco León demonstrating his great potential in the arts. Thus, the filmmaker bets on young actors and actresses who appear on screen for the first time . A task as complex as it is grateful. Thus being able to offer the opportunity to shine to new promises of cinema.

This is also the case for Nigerian designer and singer Wekaforé Jibril . Which plays one of the three essential characters that accompany the protagonist in Rainbow . On the other hand, the well-known Spanish actor Luis Bermejo embodies his character superbly. Leaving the comfort zone and shaping an extravagant character within the most normative .

However, to finish making sense of the leading group, the role played by rapper Áyax Pedrosa is essential . He has already played a role in the movie Hasta el cielo (Daniel Calparsoro, 2020). However, it is in Paco León’s new film where he shines with his own light. The leap from music to cinema has not been as far-fetched as it might seem . Since the touch of humor that the actor brings to Rainbow is essential to keep the narrative afloat.

Of course, it is mandatory to name two great actresses of Spanish cinema as Carmen Machi and Carmen Maura . Which are spectacular in their performances – as always -. Especially reviewing the actress Carmen Machi, who begins to get out of her common roles in which they had her stuck. Something that she has already achieved with her role in 30 coins (HBO, 2020-). Where she showed how chameleon and great actress she is, beyond empty comedy.

Paco León’s film is a contemporary version of young Dorothy’s journey to the Emerald City. The Wizard of Oz is transferred to the present in a very original and transgressive way . Respecting certain aspects that are perfectly reminiscent of the original film, and even bring out the occasional nostalgic smile. However, the filmmaker’s goal in Rainbow is very clear, as he wants the monochromatic tones to explode in the face of the audience like a flamboyant and provocative color bomb .

The expression somewhere under the rainbow makes more sense than ever. Since it is the LGTBIQ + collective that uses the rainbow symbol, of all colors, to represent the greatest diversity of identities and sexual orientations.

However, this honorable intention to revisit The Wizard of Oz from a more diverse perspective ends up coming off as superficial . The attempt to include multiple groups, but without taking into account their intersectionality, turns Rainbow into an amalgamation of stereotypes. Although with the clear intention of presenting a critique of those same stereotypes, he does not stop reproducing them.

The search for courage, the heart or the brain of the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow is transferred to contemporary times. In a society where it is the heteropatriarchal system that oppresses the collectives . And it is the people who live under that yoke who must embark on a path in search of that place that they feel is home. Where is our home? What is the role of a mother and that of a father? What role and relevance do biological links have?

In these matters lies the greatest virtue of Rainbow . From an extravagant and eccentric perspective, she reflects on aspects that are pressing. The concept of home finally begins to be transgressed , thus opening the doors to other types of families, beyond what is normative and established.

The paths fork, and it is no longer just necessary to continue on the same yellow brick path that we have been taught to follow. But perhaps, there is the possibility of reaching that place called home, looking for other ways, of other colors, that make the journey much easier. Thus achieving that it is the journey that is relevant, and not the goal .

Rainbow 2022 Movie Review