M3GAN 2023 Movie Review
January 26, 2023

M3GAN 2023 Movie Review

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M3GAN 2023 Movie Review

Fear of technology (especially robots and artificial intelligence) is not something new in cinema. From Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis” to James Cameron ‘s “Terminator” , countless directors have conveyed to us the fears of creating something beyond our control. At a time when parents increasingly leave their children in front of the TV or video games to distract themselves, director Gerard Johnstone brings us “M3GAN” , a funny and tense moral about the dangers that this entails.

Gemma (Allison Williams) is a successful electronic toy creator who is given custody of her niece, Cady (Violet McGraw). Overwhelmed by this new responsibility, she plays M3GAN (Amie Donald voiced by Jenna Davis), a childlike robot tasked with physically and emotionally protecting the girl while Gemma can do her job. However, as time goes by, the doll develops some macabre attitudes.

“M3GAN” is well aware of the type of movie it is and what the audience expects. Similar to “Malignant”, this film maintains the suspense without sacrificing the fun, after all, if it’s going to be another movie about a killer doll, better add some humor. Johnstone manages the tone very well, M3GAN never ceases to be disturbing despite the relaxed moments, especially for its funny black humor.

In the same vein as “The Orphan”, the contrast between innocence and violence make the android a memorable villain. Unlike the last remake of “Chucky”, the director takes care to give it a clear personality and iconic moments that make you smile because of how out of place they feel (but in a good way), like the dance that went viral in Tik Tok or M3GAN singing David Guetta’s “Titanium” like a lullaby.

Surely for the next Halloween many people decide to dress up as M3GAN because of how unforgettable it is; This shouldn’t come as a surprise, to create it the team used an interesting mix of makeup, practical effects, special effects, the slightly robotic voice of Jenna Davis and the agile movements of Amie Donald. Great care is taken to give the character the most human aspect possible without ever neglecting disturbing little details that are reminiscent of her mechanical side.

A recognizable antagonist and the intentional humor are enough to make up for what is otherwise one more of a killer doll plot. Neither the themes about the dangers of leaving childcare in charge of new technologies, nor the out-of-control killer toy are innovative ideas or never seen before in the cinema, but “M3GAN” knows that sometimes all that is looking to have a good time.

M3GAN 2023 Movie Review