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November 27, 2022

Lesson Plan 2022 Movie Review

Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan 2022 Movie Review

Netflix He had a series of action movies with compelling stories and lesson plan, Directed by Daniel Markovic, packed. From the very beginning, he set the tone for the story with a drug dealer who got into high school students.

He’s been planting these drugs in schools and these poor teens are falling into the depths of it addicted. After the teacher dies tragically, his friend, who also happens to be an ex-cop, takes up his old job in hopes of catching the people responsible for his murder, according to a synopsis on IMDB.

The cop takes his old skills while working undercover and applies that to teach his friend’s students how to stand up for themselves, just in case they run into these henchmen with drugs. What was interesting about this was the fact that the teens who weren’t using drugs were very eager to help their classmates kick the addiction.

They were ranting about their friends’ whereabouts in front of the teachers and ended up forming their own group to find them. While all this is happening, the cop has to deal with his trauma as his past comes back to haunt him.

While undercover, he came very close to getting a master dealer, but it cost him his wife. So he tries to live again and turn those bad moments into something good by helping these teenagers.

The movie has some great action but when it gets into the fight choreography it just looks unpolished. You start dragging in the middle because there are so many characters involved, and the story gets lost.

But as soon as the teens get involved in their group, it’s back again. The best part about the story is how these teens help each other, you get to see the secret drug deals and it’s disturbing.

This is already happening in many high schools in different countries, and it is really hard to stop this. It becomes like an idea embedded in someone’s mind and almost impossible to get rid of.

Aside from the cop character development, the film highlights early signs of addiction and what to watch for when you’re a parent with a high school teen.

Markowicz has made some good decisions in terms of teaching kids how to stand up for themselves. He was able to get the ex-cop to develop into someone with a heart and he seemed to be healed by the end of this movie.

Although bad things can happen to good people, that doesn’t mean they have to remain broken. There is a way to fix everything together.

Lesson Plan 2022 Movie Review