A Trip to Infinity 2022 Movie Review
November 28, 2022

A Trip to Infinity 2022 Movie Review

A Trip to Infinity
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A Trip to Infinity 2022 Movie Review

ATrip to Infinity is a 2022 documentary directed by Jon Halperin and Drew Takahashi. It is written by Alex Ricciardi and Jon Halperin.

We are in for a very light “seminar” in calculus, geometry, philosophy and physics, and also provided with nice personal short accounts of how as experts in the topic they, the interviewees, grapple personally with so much knowledge of this dizzying concept.

Eminent mathematicians, particle physicists, cosmologists and philosophers give their take on infinity and its mind-bending implications for the universe.

What is infinity plus infinity? It is infinity. What is infinity minus infinity? It is 0. What about, infinity x infinity? Well, that is infinity.

Enter chapter: Circles. Having no corners, or infinite number of corners, rather, “infinity has come round to be something like zero”, as Eugenia Cheng very poetically puts it. The documentary has very smartly been divided in nine chapters, giving us digestible doses of various aspects of the study of infinity.

Towards the end of the documentary it takes on a more philosophical approach, the most interesting part of the show, actually, in which each expert shares how they personally integrate the understanding of infinity, as it is central to our existential notion.

Ideal if you seek to watch something that will lower your heart-rate. At a subdued tempo, with good graphic illustrations, some amusing archive footage, and lighthearted interviews with experts, this documentary covers the surface of this interesting and mind-boggling topic in a pedagogical way that might appeal to a younger audience (if they have the patience to watch it), or an audience that has never pondered the concept of infinity and might now be curious, and viewers who suffer from insomnia who might appreciate it for its lullaby tempo.

This is a “quicky” on a massive topic, so do not expect to get any closer to your PhD in Theoretical Physics from watching ‘A Trip to Infinity’ – if that is what you had expected, but it is a pleasant viewing experience that nicely counters the recent Netflix releases, such as the dark series Dahmer: Monster and extravagant movie about social conflict Athena.

Jon Halperin is known for various documentaries such as National Geographic Explorer (1985), A Year in Space (2016), among others. Drew Takahashi is known for Exposing Muybridge (2021) and the National Geographic documentary Man-Made (2007).

A Trip to Infinity 2022 Movie Review